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YATTERING : Anal Narcotic lyrics

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YATTERING lyrics : "Anal Narcotic"

Babies $$#es profaned
By lustful
Psychopath' ^&@#$es

Asses from which blood
And entrails' fragments
Spill out.

Inconceivable scream - tearing
Apart ears of the

Who wants to fulfill
His sick mind,
Sick of emptiness that

Blows up his brain
[email protected]%( narcotic that allows
To unload animal lust.

Small object of orgiastic play
Choking in its yell - by sperm
Of the executioner

Who's got nothing
For his defense - except

Raped eyes in deaf scream
Look for death that
Will release from

Off "mother's pain",
When they came into

This world.

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