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Yaggfu Front : Frontline lyrics

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Yaggfu Front lyrics : "Frontline"

Ah yes thank you thank you thank you
That was a..nother one of my favorites a..
tune that I.. really like to do

Thank you thank you for that tip doll, thanks
Ahh y'know I'd like to..
play another one of my favorite songs that ah..

I'm sure all you guys and gals out there remember
Knowing love ah.. I remember when I used to be in love
and I uhh.. hope this song inspires you to..

get that same type of feeling like that I write about

Bally boots, cashmere suits
SenTel cellular, girl with fat caboose
Slide so smooth, approach so slick

And all the - fine young ladies, love his clothes
He supposes, a rose would impress
He's scheamin for a way, to get under her - skin

So he begins, to try to impress
Pulls out a knot, to show he ain't pressed
Puts it on the bar, but quickly picks it up

Whatever the lady had, please refill her cup
Baby what's your sign, where you from, what you doin?
But what he really means is let's commence to screwin

Now why bother, with, frivolity
Over in the corner, I saw you eyeballin me
You're nothin but a sniper, shootin down men

But when I saw you starin at me I knew I was goin to win
The big prize behind door number two
Your legs I want in through, what you wanna do?

Let's make a deal, cause you know that I'm paid
All I wanna do is get a .. little, little, close to you
Not a little closer

Mmm, mmm, let me gain my composure
What's your name, can I call you back?
Since I'm rollin fat, can I take you back

to, the flat, where I reside
When I leave I want you right, at my side
All this work said she leaves in the place

on this guy's arm and a smile on the face
Only thinkin bout, the money that he makes
Droppin lingerie at the bar for some papes

Why do girls fall for the glitz and the glamour?
Gotta be flashy, to pull a bunch of stunts
Then the thought hit me, just like the hammer

Girls judge a man by the way that he fronts

The frontline

Come up to the front, smoke with ? blunts

Pullin crazy stunts, to get what you want
Yes I gotta say you look too fat to be exact
Gotta 50 G car so of course, I mack

Cruise up to the bridge, chillin Cakalaka
If I had some %#@!, my boys held my back up
Half gold fronts, herringbone around my neck

Don't worry about that debit cause I get a daily check
Shackin at the Hilt', lampin at the Sheraton
If the night is good, I stay up in the Radisson

Reserve a room for two, but surely I would do
The honey dip fronts, she doesn't have a clue
Dug the boys in blue, sometimes I paid them off

Had trouble in the South, so I catch a train up North
Page me by my pager, if there's somethin major
Where the %#@! I gave you, you'll surely get your wager

And if you come up short, I smack you with my fist
In front of your girl, in front of your mom, $#&@up you won't be missed
Don't let me hear you riff, you just might end up stiff

You just might end up stiff, and no that's not a myth
I wish I could get out, the tricks of the trade
Can't work for Uncle Sam, and eat green eggs and ham

So I'ma get mine, my pickup's at nine
One I hold a twenty, oh you'll be fine on the frontline

The frontline

Come up to the club, lookin fly as birds
Checkin out the scene, lookin for some curves

Moonlight kiss my car, shines with a gleam
Gotta be fat when I go and do my thing
I'm puttin on my chains, puttin on my beeper
Even though I have no service yo I look sweeter
Five star rims, ridin kinda low

Givin the impression of a well paid bro
Gotta lotta boys, hangin on the corner
But yo that's not my style cause I'm not Jack Horner
Got a nine to five, but hey you don't know
My impression's otherwise cause it makes the girls flow

Thinkin that I'm rich from the game or illegal fame
Gotta lotta dap from the boys who believe the same
Couldn't tell you why, I live this little lie
Tryin to be down, scramblin on the sly
Bet you was frontin, bet you it's kinda fun

Hangin with the girls, havin good times
Boys big fun when you're hangin on the front
on the front on the front when you're on the frontline

The frontline

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