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YA BOY lyrics : "Holla At Ya Boy"

This is...

[Verse 1: Ya Boy]

Yea... eh
Bay area stand up... hip hop
You're looking at the future

Young wild ^!$$% might mess around and shoot ya
Came in the game like cane for the (? tuda's?)
Bout to rearrange things... I ain't the same as you losers

I dun seen it all from guns this tall ta bodies getting dumped
^!$$%s slumped on the wall from crack in the sack
And them cracks in the walls ta hopping out spending 50 racks in the mall

Yeaa holla at ya boy baby... I'm not like them
22 Black coupe black rim... ice grin... ice neck... ice wrist
Looking for a nice (*##$

Whip cost a 100 grand the trip is priceless

[Chorus: Cool and Dre]

I got work er'ywhere
Homie tell me what you need
I got people down south that'll let it go for cheap

I got people up top with a plug on the Biz
I got people in the bay
^!$$% tell me what it is

You ain't gotta shop around
Ha holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy
You ain't gotta shop around

Ha holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy

[Verse 2: Ya Boy]

If he rep that bay why his swag that way?
Man the bar so fresh plus I'm cool like DRE
Yo my sound so new... like it's still in the wrapper

The rumors so true, yes I'm killin these rappers
Headed down south with a car full of clappers
Inside my trunk all white like pampers

Get it off quickly... headed back swiftly
Heard them boys on me but they'll never get me... no
Who the truth mama let them know

That I keep two nines like Gretzy tho
The young ^!$$% with the peschi flow
That's good fella... catch me in the hood fella... get it understood fella


[Verse 3: Ya Boy]
Ay you want it I got it
You need it come holla

I got er'ything covered from the top to the bottom
Er'ything come hot from the shots to the dollars
I got my Miami ^!$$%s rockin in they impalas

I got my Atlanta ^!$$%s trappin clockin they dollas
I got my New York ^!$$%s goin hard they wildin
Even the Midwest boys hold it down they ridin

I got killaz up in Cali, ya'll don't want no problems
You ain't gotta make a move just holla at me
Mama do what you do just holla at me

He got a mouth full of jewels tell me who could it be?
Who they want, who they came to see?... It's Y B


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