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XZIBIT : Loud & Clear lyrics

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XZIBIT lyrics : "Loud & Clear"

(feat. Butch Cassidy, Defari, King Tee)

Addicted to life, had to pay a heavy-ass price
Sacrifice worth waitin on the platinum and ice
I'm precise with the merchandise, came back like Christ

to change the game, while y'all ^!$$%z remain the same
Clear the lane, comin through like Kobe, you can't hold me
You can't stop me, ever since I dropped "Paparazzi"

I done watched the game unfold into some hideous %#@!
Like every idiot that can spit be droppin a hit
I transmit for the convicts, committed, never bull%#@!ted

Shadowbox, detox, my own worse critic
It's like tryin to squeeze water from rocks
I negotiate the neighborhood stops and clean your clock with a glock

Sick of ^!$$%z screamin they hot, but really they not
Beatin you all to the ground like six L.A. cops
Put your fist up in the air if you ever been shot

and lived to tell about it, never leavin home without it, c'mon

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]

There's no one out there, for us, to fear
I'll say it loud and clear..
Who can say they're close, to us

Speak now and you'll be brought, to tears

[King Tee]

They probably saw me on the 91 East, gettin off on Central
with the rag back, lookin like life's so simple
Tela take a loss, still floss, all bets

If Trife can't cover the house, call X
Likwit crew brothers, Blues Brothers
Move somethin, make killers do somethin, f'real

The (*##$-made often politic with the skill
Now %#@!'s all twisted, unlisted
Guns fixed it, best not speak about the Likwit

We gifted, twenty-four hours and still lifted
(*X*: (*##$ keep your ##&*%$) We drunk and ain't interested
(*##$es come a dime and a dove, we ain't trippin it

Standin at the bar, soft-styled in the cut
"Ooh, boo wait, I think you had too much!"
(*##$ what? Act right and pour it in a cup

The West and Eastside keep smokin them blunts, ^!$$%z

[Interlude: Butch Cassidy]

Let's get with it, I was born to trip
Stay on the lookout, ain't no time to slip
We ain't for games and %#@!

Change your spot, cause we're known to dip
No time for chasin hoes
I'm on a mission cause my cash is low

There's no need to speak on those
Doggy rags are the gangsta's clothes

There's two sides of my family, both sides from the ghetto
Pops Finnish choco-late, moms Mississippi yellow

Caramel, Cherokee black man, with a pedigree of excellence
Together we rise, no time for seperateness
My grandfather Snake was a Jake, or a jack

of a smack to a bird who don't know how to act
Straight hustler, Mississippi moonshine smuggler
Good ol' wrangler in his day with that attitude of "$#&@ ya"

Built to run forever, X the infinite

First line of defense to smash through the immigrants
Can't straddle the fence, it's all or nothin
Close the curtain, shut down your whole production

Don't be scared, be prepared, ^!$$%z do be bustin
without thinkin; I mastered the art of hard drinkin
Yo, you wanna stop the X, try your best

I'm still $#&@in with your pockets like the IRS, so yo


[Butch Cassidy]
Gather all around, to see
how we display our vicious skills
I done seen and heard, enough

Let's prove the West coast is for real

.. speak now and you'll be brought to tears ..

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