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XZIBIT : Crazy Ho lyrics

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XZIBIT lyrics : "Crazy Ho"

(feat. Butch Cassidy, Strong Arm Steady, Suga Free)
[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]
I'd leave the girl alone, but the (*##$ keeps callin me

All day and all night long, she just keeps callin me
She says she'll kill herself if I try to let her go
Somebody pray for me, cause I'm stuck with a crazy ho

[Suga Free]
Comin from a cat, that uhh

believe that if wasn't nobody else in the world to pimp
he'll probably pimp hisself, that's me, Suga Free
Dig that, yeah, again? Uhh X, man, y'know

If I don't slop her man she feel like I don't love her, youknowhatI'mtalkinabout?
This thing takes all kinds of turns and switches and changes, y'know
It's called the P - Steady!


[Strong Arm Steady - 1]
Woman out the wilderness - (*##$!
The homies say you got a wildabeast piece

But she a dimepiece, her mind lost, thrown off course
She been divorced twice, overwhelmed by - bad advice
from a past life, she crazy though

Call my telephone a hundred times in a row
I don't know how to let her go
I'm stuck with this ho - pardon me

But she ain't nuttin but the worst part of me
She even threatened to slice her artery
I gotta watch my God Degree

She tried to voodoo the peas and throw her eyelashes in the recipe
Please, it's more than she's spittin in my lemonade
and R. Kelly ain't got the right to sing the hook, like Butch

Yeah, c'mon, spit it


[Strong Arm Steady - 2]
Now since chickens of a feather be cluckin together

And I met her through Aiesha, I shoulda known better
She a pro-fessional charger Laker chaser
The kind that'll lie and say one of 'em raped her (trick)

But she in love with a gangsta
And it's been all trivial since the day that I janked her
Swore she wasn't ghetto but I met her at Fairmont

Shoulda knew she was a gangsta when she said that it wasn't her man's car
- but now she crazy over me
Tryin to OD, cause she can't be with me

She'll, $#&@ with different sets just to bring you beef
Fake a pregnancy just to get you fo' a G, crazy

[Butch Cassidy]
How much can one man take?
Worried if I leave it's her life she'll take

So I'm stuck here livin life in fear
Situation so severe
I need to change my ways

Pay more attention to her ho-pefully
Thinkin with my dick every night and day
The (*##$ won't go away

[Strong Arm Steady - 3]
Girl stop screamin

All in front of my house, tellin everybody you not leavin
And just beat it - you're insane
Crazy and deranged and I don't need you

Look, don't make me repeat it
I'ma say it one time, kick rocks or I'ma call the one-time
I shoulda hollered at your sister (aiy)

We went to the same high school, and plus she finer than you
Hey - baby this one's on you
You know it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none too

You dug my man out, your hand's out, askin for help
Hey - go 'head trick, kill yourself, {?}


[Suga Free]
That means you ain't doin it for free
And that's what I'm talkin 'bout, Suga Free

Up in here with Xzibit y'knamhsayin, West coast big style
We really doin this out here f'real homey
Y'knahmsayin, y'all get to know, y'knahmsayin
You'll get to know yo' folks a little bit better too
if you just uhh, recognize this P, y'knahmean?

Y'knahmsayin we respect the hip-hop, we respect the whole 9
Y'knahmtalkinabout pimpin, the bud is greener and the grass is greener
Y'knahmtalkinabout, the pimpin is cleaner and mackin is meaner
Y'knamsayin, DIG THAT
You can be a stand-up ho or a fall-down (*##$

And we mean this out here on the West

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