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XV : We Ball Feat Bruce Meanz & Sez Batters lyrics

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XV lyrics : "We Ball Feat Bruce Meanz & Sez Batters"

[Intro: XV]
Duece on the boards

Congrats to my ^!$$% DJ Richey
You know what
We ball, we ball

It's 2014, let's get this %#@! started right
We ball, L7
Cause we ball

[Verse 1: Sez Batters]
Flow clean, bring a mop

Give them bars, it never stops
Got the fans, getting hot
I hold the reins, they just want something to drop

I got the lines, by the lot
Pull them up, pick a spot
I got my dogs, we in the drop

They trying to roofie some (*##$es removing top
They dig the smell, that's the pot
We roll it up, on the spot

Now we chilling, on the block
Watching my ^!$$%s make papers cutting the rocks
That's just the game, play it or not

But if you play it, get a Glock
^!$$%s came, from getting popped
When you in the hood trying to ball, you take the shot

Cause ^!$$% we


We ball, busting shots (8X)

[Verse 2: XV]

I'm 'bout to kill it, look for the sheets
I'm on the building, look at me leap
These ^!$$%s rapping, put me to sleep

We put EP's together and see em' WEEP
I'm watching planes, lay on the lawn
Trying to explain, we ain't on farms

I had a chain, a little charm
I had some game but baby I came to ball, seen it all
In a truck, zip it up

10 of us kicking up, windows tinted up
Finna bust like two (*##$es in A cups and they [email protected]%$ is big as $#&@
And they coming to sit with us and live it up

And we ball hard, call guard, all star
Weekend, sleeping in a rented parked car, caught
A couple broads leaving out a parking lot stall

They said, "What is y'all thinking?"
"We just cheap, and we is creeping, but come kick it, you'll be seeing"
We ball, all day

Answer bets. Call plays
Trophy case, in the hallway
Tell me what else these ^!$$%s is gonna say

When we ball
When we ball
Tell me what else these ^!$$%s is gonna say, is gonna say

When we ball

[Verse 3: Bruce Meanz]

I ain't rapping about nothing, I'm just going in
I'm like a scarecrow with no soul within him
An old boy but I ain't [?]

And I'm not that sick with all [?]
Origin, warrior, Victorian
The Death Star, I conquer with a squad of men

Net worth, %#@! that you can't comprehend
I set fire to homes, arsonist
Caution rappers killing you is automatic

Scar your back if you try to run with a $#&@ing axe and
Love them back, haters got me up and mad
Kick you like a bum around some cash, $#&@ a punching bag

Blunted after shows getting numbers from
Dime pieces, I be fronting like I don't like E
Drunk despite how I'm feeling in the Bentley

Chilling, still contemplating crimes while I'm on the pill and
It don't stop, man I keep it [?] hot
So hot, my skin color, I forgot
I sit here in the whole lot
Bruce got the ends to shake the whole block

Got them coming back like a dope spot, smoke out

[Outro: Bruce Meanz]
And we don't care

Put that fat (*##$ in the air

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