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XV : Finally Home lyrics

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XV lyrics : "Finally Home"


look at where we're at

look at where we've been
look at every place we are
don't know where we're ate

we'll all over the map
right now we're finally home
are we there yet? yeah yeah oh yeah

ok cool we're finally home

i am back on my vi also play .. two ..

let's take these [email protected][email protected] were i reside
the yyicg is out the greatest on my ?
i say fire to the .. dot com

going up you better grab my arm
to the place i ran i am a black sedan
these bad (*##$es wanna hang

.. $$# (*##$ed like they are always on my chase
i will do the can what you (*##$es can't
.. to a city that they don't know right next

can't see like jojo .. everybody says
hello, welcome home bro


call service on its way to me

brand new jeans with old .. keys
we're home but where have we been too
shorty get lost and get in far away

.. i am finally way
where have you been at
.. shorty get in..

.. what you see look at me from the sky can
couple of girls ..
ever since i got my deal i feel

.. i am gonna get of my ? you are a nice wheel
..turn the street light zone
i'll be home for dinner


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