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XV : FIFA lyrics

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XV lyrics : "FIFA"


i don't pop bottles and i don't do it to the biggest.
no tony montana, i don't push it to the limit
i just wanna kick it

i just wanna kick it
i just wanna kick it
i just wanna kick it.

shorty know the life that the young [email protected][email protected] is living
i wanna spent the night in the crib gotta ..

i just wanna kick it
she just wanna kick it (repeats)

i am internationally famous i am ready
game is steady ask the ..
club owner let us in

now they spot a [email protected][email protected] like ..
back in the days when i was .;
they shouldn't have let me in

what they call him..
i don't mess with him
i bought us some extra time ..

with 7 of my mexican playing on some ?
used to play on the back of the club and ..
flow like the river congo

if you think i ain't me
take it easy on the ..

real mother $#&@er ..
so .. now they are after me
i invite them to my zone ?


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