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XV : Chaka Shao Khan lyrics

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XV lyrics : "Chaka Shao Khan"

it's these girls that be needy
labels that be greedy

that keep me hitting these bottles hoping i find a genie
no shave november, hair growing out in my beanie
benny the jet hit got chicks on my l7 weenie

musical chair rhymes, they thinking it's there time
the game like lebron's hairline, always receding
all i'm needing is a little space

once i get a little taste
you ^!$$%s should grab a chair, no triple h
tech-neek you a fool for this!

this feels soulful, but powerful
chaka shao khan!
welcome to the city of pretty women that can't take the now

and cry enough to turn a small lake into the nile
head's great, but they be a head case on file
with contraceptive pills she ain't take in a while

so i'm putting on a glove like oj in the trial
for me to calm down, it's gon' take a while
vegas for the night we got drinks at tao

like calvin in paid in full
we pop ace so wild
while, ^!$$%s who were hating all in our faces

24 hour diamonds, they all shapes and smiles
it was all hate til now
now i'll take my bow, little hoes, weak little hoes

if this was 5th grade, i put put you in a figure 4
used to keep a flag on us like pookie's clothes
just a bunch of lost boys, bangorang, rufio

chaka meet shao khan
and in my downtime, since weed is a trend now, i sell it by pounds signs
and still deliver classics through alpines

squarians say, vizzy blowin' up? it's 'bout time"

and this just the beginning..

you know how people say, "this is my year"?
naw, this is my generation

this is that chaka shao khan
mortal kombat bangin on that loud tom
when i spit that blacka blacka blaow rhyme

losing my mind even though i sound fine
8 blunts deep, think i'm about to be on cloud 9
coupe changing colors, the new name is mood rings

square in the circle, four eyes and 2 chains
under the illest conditions, i'm winning: flu game
hashtag squarian, intergalactic crew name

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