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XV : Best Wishes lyrics

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XV lyrics : "Best Wishes"

Verse 1: XVStep up now, tell me what your life likeIs it worth something? What's the price like?When I was still sleeping with the nightlightYou was out there living in the nightlifeLike you ain't have a kid in your hindsightI was coloring dad with my Lite-BriteJust hoping you were looking for a clockAnd one day, you'll stop when you finally find timeIt felt weird talking to my mom and I know she sees you in my eyesAnd she gon' get mad if I try to ask:Do you know if my dad gonna stop by?That play that you never saw, that ball that I never caughtAll those years that we both have lost, man I hope you enjoy that allHookI hope you bought the moon, I hope you reach the starsI hope you found the things that you already lostI hope you have it all, I hope you have it allI hope you have it all, I hope you have it allI hope you got to see everything you dreamedI hope you saw the things that you ain't see in meI hope you have it all, I hope you have it allI hope you have it all, I hope you have it all, I hope you have it allI hope you live it, hope you get it, hope you got itI hope you find it, hope you see it, hope you watch itI hope you want it, hope you like it, hope you love itI hope you achieve it, hope you reach it, hope you touch itVerse 2: XVBlue skies, white setting, big rings, nice weddingNew guy, you can walk into HeavenMom is a teacher, dad is a reverendThe best high heels you can step inCloset so big, you can even fit a bed inMiddle school sweetheart, high school legendHotel suites so high, yellow ledgesNo cable, dinner by the tableDozens of roses whenever he's ableLove so deep, it's fatal, is this the kind of thing that you wait for?Well I hope you are patient baby, wants and needs, it'll make you crazyWants and needs, it'll make you crazy, wants and needs, it'll make you crazyHook

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