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XV : Be There, Be Square lyrics

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XV lyrics : "Be There, Be Square"

Vizzy! Popular Culture!

Ay, Xaphoon you crazy!
See my grandma she would always tell me, set out to be something, not someone. You'll figure you out

[Verse 1]
I used to rap like Mase, back in 9-8
With a bubble goose and black pager strapped to my waist

Acting like Harlem was a half a mile 'way
Them ^!$$%s at the mom and pop would laugh in my face
Forgot I was a dude from a very small place

Smallville fills, mama brought me my cape
Said if they call you a square, don't get bent out of shape
Let them gay ^!$$%s hate boy 'cause you gon' be straight

Yea, I used to rap like Biggie
But I wasn't from Brooklyn and weighed less than 150
Shoveled snow to get Versace, girls still didn't dig me

I was like Dwayne Wayne if he didn't have Whitley
Bobby without Whitney, Stooges without Iggy
Mickey without Disney, in other words I ain't fit me

So that lasted long as the braids on 50
I decided to be myself even if they didn't get me

[Hook x2]
Be there, be square
And I'ma see y'all when you get here

Let me see them L7's in the air
Let me see them L7's in the air
[Verse 2]

I used to rap like Hov before I got signed
High school talent shows, throw up the Roc sign
Pouring liquor on hoes, sipping on white wine

'Til I realized that whole life was not mine
I never seen Jigga play Chrono Trigger
Sneak out the house just to go out and skateboard with his ^!$$%s

Tell me if his favorite Nirvana song is Sliver
Cut down the family tree, I just can't relate to you ^!$$%s
So I speak for those who are not spoken for

On Twitter and Bossip, gossiping if I'm gonna blow
I'm on they heels, they probably wearing open toes
Sold out shows across the globe, my label barely even knows

You watch a throne, I just see a chair
And a crown that I'ma get and not even wear
'Cause before I got on, they didn't seem to care

So I said $#&@ yo circle, I'ma be a square
[Hook x4]

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