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XV : A.D.D lyrics

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XV lyrics : "A.D.D"

Intro:One day the world will stop moving, but we don't abide by rulesAnd everything that we're doing, they told us that we couldn't doEveryone said I was different, than all the only kids at schoolI never really could pay attention; all I did was just moveVerse 1:Eighties baby, millenniumMy dunks is crazy but never made the teamIt's never what it seems like you never wore jeansAnd I never ran track but I chase my dreamsSo, you should do like soLuckily I had a bright light bulbAn MP3, my whole CD so they jumped on stream on my tight flowFly boy, flight control, that boy's tight, helloBorn in July so I'm shooting for the sky and I might get mad if I don't blowSo, if I don't hear the thing when I bowl thisI'll come out the gutter more focusedEyes on the pens when I wrote thisAnd I don't know if you noticed butHook:We won't stop like we got A.D.D. x3We won't stop because we can't stop, nahWe won't stop like we got A.D.D. x3We won't stop because we can't stopSo move, so move, so move (like you got A.D.D.) x4Verse 2:This my stop let me get offTell them other boys they can get lostI don't give a damn if they run with Peter PanMy colors have been fly since criss-crossI'm in the Mid where the bids don't look (look)Where the kid gets bookedI'm on a plane with a dame that wanna join the fly-high clubTell the kids don't look (ha)They tried to say that he won't blow (why)Cause I'm a nerd but she don't knowUntil she come to my home and get on her knees (and what)And play with G.I. JoesCause I'm a nice guy in some mean $$# clothesAnd flow so cold even Friya frozeSho nuff' I got a Leon flowSo you gotta say yes if you don't know, nowHookVerse 3:Look, I know you ain't used to meAnd I know what I used to beAnd I know that we just metBut baby girl would you move with me?I mean truthfully, I mean usuallyI mean actually, I just happened to beJust writing to waste time and I happened to seeThat all the words rhymed so naturallySo naturally, honey actuallyIt was rapping to me without rapping to beatsEverybody got a story that's what happened to meAnd the very next day I was sagging my jeansI felt cool, they was laughing at meHad a veelie skullie and a cap in my teethThings got ugly when my mom said honeyYou trying to be a rapper I ain't happy to seeBut I promise Ms. Lagranze, I'mma prove to you if I canThat this is all gonna pay out in the endAnd we gon play this loud in the BenzTryna lay up in the hills when I'm paidWith a girl named Beverly house is a mazeOn the beaches kept chair raisedSitting back, ^!$$%, when I begged for a raiseMaybe I'll get a girlfriendOr maybe it's too soonMaybe she'll think I'm coolCome over and we can spoonBut I never get comfortableCause I always gotta leaveAnd it's hard to keep my attentionCause they say I got A.D.D. butHook

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