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XV FT. RAJA : Breaking Bad lyrics

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XV FT. RAJA lyrics : "Breaking Bad"

[Intro: Raja]
I've been walking for days

I wore out my shoes
There's a dust approachin'
And everything will change

And I'm tired too
Baby I'm on the move

[Verse 1: XV]
I've been screening phone calls since I got home y'all
And I been going so hard like the whole fall

I want plaques for my whole wall and racks to fill a whole mall
And my girl is a catch like a gold ball, go long
They say life is a trip and a (*##$

Well luckily I always pack condoms in my goyard
^!$$%s hate like there ain't space for us both dawg
I try to give the rest room, but I won't stall

Naw, don't ever expect it
I love bein' unknown cause everything is unexpected
They wonder how I ethered the net without a connection

I tell them that they wifi but still get undetected
Now I want all the lights, quick as Harlem Nights
In case it cost my life, I balled like Walter White

I find a way to call it right when I get in the lab
(20 miles) In the game, I want it breaking bad

[Hook: Raja]
20 miles you can chase us
You can hunt me down

If I die ?
But if I leave lay down
Cause I

Cause I
Am changing and building
And breaking ? bad

[Verse 2: XV]
Can't put ^!$$%s on my back who get paid for fronting

Told my team don't let dollars break us, we change for nothing
Shooting for broads who have hopes that you aim for cuffing
After that Cinderella carriage that changed to a pumpkin

Almost lost it all to this ho that Drake was $#&@ing
I done texted, sending messages when I was drunken
My mom said I make a bed that I hate waking up in

Never write in cyrillic, but she say I'm rushing
I say ?mama, I gotta kill it 'fore they kill me?
Cause they love to see a symbol crash like they play percussion

When you fighting with temptations more than David Ruffin
When haters irritated I like a plate of onions
And those fans that leave soon as they say you buzzing

They don't relate all of a sudden, they say I changed, you bugging
Everybody's still nobody and everything is cool
But everything will change, you know it's coming


[Outro: XV x4]
20-15, ? my dreams
This is the life, I don't wanna leave

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