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XV FT. IRV DA PHENOM lyrics : "Zombieland Rule 32"

[Intro: Irv Da Phenom]
See I gotta let the truth out

Life will never be perfect
So all we gotta do now
Is find a way to make it worth it

In a world full of zombies
You are all that I need
You are all that I need

[Verse 1: XV]
Unh, don't fall for 'em, ice cold

With my heart on froze and my glass on chill
Just a portion of life is a fortune
Cause some ^!$$%s didn't spend that wheel

Unless they had some Vanna white they could sell
Probably weighed more than Vanna White on a scale
You know as much as you can when you don't know enough

The hard part is growing old without growing up
Gotta kush-filled bowl ready, loaded up
And a couple bad hoes tryin to roll with us

Who show off their body off like its a canvas
Just to be apart of the student body on the campus
Me and the devil have had a couple of dances

Highway crashes, bad romances
Girls taking interests like cash advances
Don't live for the glances, baby take your chances

[Hook: Irv Da Phenom x2]
If this gets old, its nothing new

Come hit this smoke, come sip this juice
Just live your life, that's what we do
Enjoy these things: Rule 32

[Verse 2: XV]
I said hey, what's your name?

She replied ?Wichita?
Damn, we on Squaria now, how'd you get this far?
Well, I'm the Kid With the Green Backpack

I live life, and write raps, but I'm black
So they try to say I couldn't live my dream like Martin
Cause they know I'm from the middle like Malcolm

Look at this thing we started
Every circle wanna square ^!$$% round 'em
You ain't in X's box? Go on, get ya Wii on

Told you I never was the one you should sleep on
Now you want the curb like Larry and Leon
Cause you ain't bout the life that the L7s be on

We on

[Hook x3]

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