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XSCAPE : Love's A Funny Thing lyrics

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XSCAPE lyrics : "Love's A Funny Thing"

Shoop be doop
Shoop be doop doop dah

Shoop be doop
Love's a funny thing

[Verse One:]
Was only last night I felt you slip away,

I tried so hard to hide the pain inside of me babe.
I held you close but you weren't with me,
I felt your mind a thousand miles away.

I was a fool to let you break me down,
You think by now that I would know,

Just what to expect from you, oh.
Everytime I fall, I make myself believe,
That you are changing,

And some day, the sun will shine through.


Love is a funny thing,
Your love is a funny thing,
Love is a funny thing,


(I don't wanna fall, don't wanna fall in love again)

[Verse Two:]

When I first met you your heart was empty,
You were innocent and so full of joy.
But now you've changed and I don't know you,

You played me baby like a toy.
You see, I was surprised to see you with that girl,

When you said you'd never ever ever ever see her again, no.
I don't want to control you, so baby if she's gonna hold you,
Then why don't you just stay, stay where you've been.

[Repeat Chorus]
(I never never wanna fall again, no no no)

[Bridge (Kandi):]
Everybody needs someone to hold them through the night,

And everybody needs someone to tell them it's alright.
I gave you my heart and you only turned away,
So tell me baby, what's going to make you stay.

[Repeat Chorus]
(I never ever want to fall in love again)

Shoop be doop
Shoop be doop doop dah

Shoop be doop
Love's a funny thing
[repeat to fade]

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