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XSCAPE : All I Need lyrics

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XSCAPE lyrics : "All I Need"

Can't ya see
Your love is all I need

Without you I'm nothing
so please don't ever leave

vs 1 (Tiny)
Baby I think
you should take the time alone

to sort out your feelings
and be sure you're not going wrong, no
You see I know you hear

many things that make you cry (cry)
But our love is too strong
to be ruined by a lie


vs 2 (Tamika)
Now tell me how
I could ever live without you

(I can't live without you)
If you left me now
I don't know what I would do

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh


I never knew anyone
who could love me
like you do

You mean the world to me
and I feel
I feel I mean as much to you



Chorus 2x

Can't live without your love
so baby, please don't leave

You're the only one I'm thinkin of
Baby, please don't leave

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