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XPLICIT JOEY lyrics : "For My City"

Always on some new %#@! boy I do this
this my blue print, always spitting, i swear they think that i'm a nusense
i'm the newest, got that new stench of a prototype

i wont quit this rap %#@!, and boy i put that on yo life
xplicit joey the name,
im taking the game

and killing these lames
get murdered and slained
raised in the woods

and took to the city
got (*##$es of plenty
still looking for fame

got haters hating, cause i get on the beat in heat im hot as satan
i'm getting lot of attention, but the money is what im not making
so what im doing? they say im destined to be the one annd only

well how the hell is that true, when no one even no me
some of them ^!$$%s owe me, but i could care less
cause ima bald eagle, with a bear chest

ima young hit making underground rap lover
still a cold motha$#[email protected] even in the damn summer
take yo old girlfriend and i hump her under covers

if the feeling aint mutual then i could never love her

i do it for the 803 321 843 you know what that means

these lame $$# ^!$$%s still hate on me
but if they ask me who i do it for, i tell em

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