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XIXZTA : Wack lyrics

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XIXZTA lyrics : "Wack"

Man other rappers say im wack
how can they think off that
every time i come back i look back at it

feeling the power i gain, the blood who sipping thru my vain
you know its not all about fame
i cant be tamed, you get crazy when you hear my liracly flame

who you calling lazy? im spettin for real im spettin my name
maybe yo girl even tippin on my ...
thats right

dont blame me when im flippin em bars
learn how to park you car or you get ran over
ill pop you like a soulja

man im swear im straight killin em
man i have no feelings
walk up in the club i see you girl steering

you girl wanna hear me when i rap
how my bars be so fly
she wanna roll with me tonight

man im gonna hit you trynna soett on me fo real
ill get in my car cause ima star
i ball so hard that girls wanna find me

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