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XIII lyrics : "Acta Sanctorum"

Let go
They tell me to do
But I won't

I'm pissed off this time
Losing sight
Of my solidarity

But one thing I know well
Is the thrill of the payback
So I seethe

As I scream
Plans laid forward
By the shepherd that guides me

These are the deeds
Of the saints
They won't comfort you

They won't blind me

Rise up with me

Your drop will be
Greater than the downfall of all
You won't catch up to us

Wheels are set in motion
In minutes we'll be
Brought back down to zero

And the fires will burn
For a thousand days

As the good lord said in my epiphany
We will take back our lives
Using rocks and and bones

'Til the silence that emerges
Deafens us to our pain

My damned face
Cracks with glee
As the skies blacken

To the sound
Of all I demand
I've been spat on

Beat down
Had life refused me
My willingness to serve you

Has been stepped on
Too many times
You let go

You try to get past this
It's not as easy
When the knife's in the others back is it?

Call me petty
Call me anything
The shepherd leads me

To greater things than you

Now surge forward

In the name of all those
Who have wronged you
And when our boot meets throat

And their eyes are cold and glassy
They will see their end was their own doing

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