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Xe-None : Heaven Awaits lyrics

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Xe-None lyrics : "Heaven Awaits"

My sons, your life is short.
End of days is near.
Hear my voice, novitiates

And execute my will
A Sacred place for sacrifice
We find the way to God

Take the cure, forget the fear
And save your soul

Pray, my children
Your Father is the only way to the sky
Kneel before the gates of heaven

For the last time

Time will come

Heaven awaits you

This world was created

Not by us and not for us
Leave behind all that you have
I show you the Golden Path

Flesh to ashes, world to dust
In the name of God
I show the holy way for all

Who want to save their souls.

Hey, man!

I see the times
No faith, no gods, no lies
No sinners, no saints

And no religions that $#&@s your brains

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