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Xe-None : Digital Fucker A.D. lyrics

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Xe-None lyrics : "Digital Fucker A.D."

Burn down horizons
Destroy this doomed world

The only way to power
Your life is a battle front

One step
To glory

Your blood is full of hate
One step
Next level

Do not obey the fate

Burn down - Demolish all

Nothing - Nothing will not change
The right way to self frustration
Start to play and rape your brain

Inside you is rising

Disorder in your head
No brain - no fear!

Let's bring the total death!

One step

You want some $#&@ing blood
One step

Cross fire
Let's start another war

War! War! A real War!
All you need is a real war
War! War! A real War!

You can't stop this anymore
The War external! Inside!
Instead your raped mind

Remorse - For weak
Regrets are useless %#@!!

Save your mind
Save your life

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