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Xe-None : Collapse lyrics

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Xe-None lyrics : "Collapse"

"Life is %#@! - I hate myself"
Weakness of sick mind
And now you stand beneath the clouds

In ocean of moonlight
Damn this life!
It's obsolete

Eternity will be my grave
I make my step behind the line
This day will decide my fate

Only one step for limits of life
Darkness blinds your forever faded eyes

And someone cries from outside

Love you

I just want to say
I love you
Wake up and go back home

For me and for you
I watch you defenseless
And blinded by light

I want you wake up and
Come back

Feel the snow upon your face
The last flight is very short
Feel the wind of winter night

As mourning heart it is cold
Feel the last pain of your life
You are headless in your grave

Dreams and hopes
Forever fade
In the pieces of your brain

Floor by floor
Straight to the ground

Eleven, ten, nine
Was It the only way out?
Eight, seven, six

Do you want to return?
Five, four, three
Is it for what you were born?

You saw no difference
Between problems and tasks
Sorry, man

Your choice was so fast
Two, one, crush
Did you want to stay?

In the world that you left
You left only pain

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