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XAVIER RUDD : Home lyrics

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XAVIER RUDD lyrics : "Home"

Streets full of people with trinckets to share
offering them up for the folks in despair

Beyond Indian crystals and oil for growth
of spirit, body and mind as we go

Emphasis placed on the body and mind
as the heart is off and somewhere behind


Tiny little bones of the innocent child

looking up at me with the saddest of eyes

Is her innocence in tact?

Or has it been stained?
Has the creature that feeds her taken it away?

So sad it's strange

I recognize my health
The things that I have been dealt
Places that I've roamed

Feelings I've had and things that I know

Home, I'm home

Home, I'm home, home, home, home
Home, I'm home

Running through the bush and all of the trees
Moving in time with my capable speed

Skippy ants claw at the edge of the bone
Of the shell of an egg of a bird long since gone

Maybee it rose up to spread it's new wings
Or maybe it nurished a stronger sibling


Places we roam and people we meet

Some connections are strong and some a little weak

One or two or three or four or maybe five or six or more

Strong is the roots of a big 'ol gum tree
and will carry them through to the next life we see

So beautifully strange

Recognize my health
Things that I have been dealt

Places that I have roamed
feelings that I've had and things that I've known

Home, I'm home
Home, I'm home, home, home, home

Home, I'm home

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