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X-RAIDED lyrics : "Who Is Y'All Niggas"

Yeah X-Raided yeah
Yeah X-Raided yeah
Yeah X-Raided yeah

Goin' down ugh
^!$$%s be woofin' that %#@!
^!$$% who the $#[email protected] is you ^!$$%?

Show me y'all credentials before you speak on X-Raided

They say when the dogs away the cats'll play

Now X-Raided's back up in this (*##$ leavin' ^!$$%s in your way
spittin' fire
Why you done woke up the dragon?

Thought the loc was through so ^!$$%s startin' braggin'
About who can $#[email protected] with X now really
Who put Sac on the map was it you don't be silly

Will he make the beats up? ^!$$% what?
And 24th Street rip
But even blood ^!$$%s got dubs on my %#@!

And thug ^!$$%s on the south side
Slam X-Raided loc when they out ridin'
I'm the king of this Sac-Town scene and you peasant

I ran %#@! in the past well in the future and the present
Yo Meek attempt to diss me you's a boy
I knew you back when you was broke wearin' Bugle Boys

Now you got tattoos ooh! You big killa
I won't hesitate to slap you, you still a (*##$ ^!$$%
Which ^!$$% wanna war with the hardcore

Load up you .44 playa what cha waitin' for
Lay a motha $#[email protected] face down
With bullet holes in your clothes

Decapitated and naked from the waist down


Who is y'all new booty $$# ^!$$%s tryin' diss this ^!$$%
I dismiss ^!$$%s
Endless blue sportin trigga tottin menace

^!$$%s that'll disfigure ^!$$%s on my %#@! list [x2]

Nig-^!$$%s on my %#@! list

^!$$%s on my %#@! list
Nig-^!$$%s on my %#@! list
^!$$%s on my %#@! list

I know y'all busta remember me
Pumpin' slugs in your dome lobotomizin' your memory

It's him or me when the wars on
My new tapes out now the south areas' a war zone
I send letters from the pen to my true locs

It's time to ride my ^!$$% go out and shoot folks
Incarceration ain't workin'
My body's locked but my souls on the streets lurkin'

Perkin' ^!$$%s like Folgers, motivatin' soldiers
To make you set look like yo set got wrecked with bulldozers
How many marks can I take in one day?

I'ma need a little help don't trip it's on the way, hey!
Display your corpse in the window like a mannequin
Why damagin'

You got no wind and it's plain and simple
Name 'em cripple
Get savage when I aim my pistol

Flame a missile through your temple till your brain gristles
Dead issues


Who is y'all, who is y'all

I'm through with y'all, through with y'all

Who is y'all, who is y'all
I'm through with y'all, through with y'all [x2]

^!$$% you can't $#[email protected] with X-Raided and you hated
I heard that little (*##$ $$# %#@! that you stated, ^!$$%

You can't $#[email protected] with X-Raided and you hated
I'm the motha $#[email protected]' bomb bout to detonate it
I consume fake rappin' mark ^!$$%s like Brut
Chew 'em up spit 'em out piss on 'em when I'm through
You used to be a rip now you claim damu

You dog ^!$$%s didn't know but ^!$$% I do
I knew you's a hook like a U-turn
Put your $$# in a urn cremated ^!$$% burned
Howard Stern couldn't clown a ^!$$% worse than Raided
Let loose a few verses had you cursed and faded

Like Madusa on the loop I'm turnin' true to the stone
Spittin' brimstone burnin' motha $#[email protected] to bone
If it's on I'ma show you how to end this %#@!
Chrome .50 caliber "Des Eags" with extended clips (*##$


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