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X-RAIDED lyrics : "Bitch Killa"

[Verse 1]
I followed that (*##$ to her house
She's kind of stupid, walking through the block without a spouse

She's got a hold of her purse with a death grip
But the purse ain't what I want so don't trip
I know she saw me when she started walking faster

I grabbed the glock and I was just about to blast her
But then I stopped because I thought it'd be much better
If the (*##$ is still alive then the #[email protected] gonna be wetter

So the chase was on, I started running
I said "You'd better stop, cause if you don't I'm gonna be gunning"
She didn't stop so I popped on in her knee

That's when she straight-up hit the mother$#[email protected] concrete
I grabbed her legs and threw her in the buck
She said, "Don't be so rough cause I really wanna $#[email protected]"

I started digging, my ^!$$%, I was digging
She had a knife and in my back that (*##$ was digging
I was high so I didn't feel %#@!

She realized she was $#[email protected] with a lunatic
She started screaming "Let me go," loud as $#[email protected]
Cause of her hollering I busted me a fat nut

I stood up and started wiping off my %#@!
And put it in her mouth and said "Suck (*##$"
Don't get it twisted it wasn't my dick the (*##$ was sucking

It was the barrel of my glock that had her head ducking
I took it out and stuck it in her #[email protected]
I pulled the trigger and the nut came thick and mushy

I grabbed my gun and disappeared like Jack the Ripper
Young X-Raided is a real (*##$ killer

[Chorus x2]
The B the I the T the C the H
The K the I the L the L the A

It's the devil in disguise..
Oh yeah, in disguise

[Verse 2]
It's Halloween and I got a treat
And dressed like the Devil and I'm handing out human meat

And every hoe that rings my bell
I drag them in the house and take them on a trip through Hell
Let's say, for instance, there was this white (*##$

I met her before this story but this time she got to die and %#@!
I drug her in the back room
On her stomach, puppy-style, stuck my dick up in her womb

She wasn't screaming, she was loving this dick
I couldn't nut; the (*##$ was having too much fun and %#@!
I stuck my knife in her $$# with no Vasoline

I stuck it deeper and deeper and then I heard her scream
I thought the pain from my knife was why she hollering
But she was nutting; by my blade she was not bothered

She busted a nut around my dick that %#@! got hotter
The (*##$'s nut was hot like scalding lava
I started screaming, she was laughing like a mother $#[email protected]

My dick was burning half to death cause of this [email protected]#%
She let me go and I ran to my act-right
My hands was bleeding, I was squeezing trigger hella tight

Like twenty shells I let her have it to the face
When smoke cleared there wasn't a mother$#[email protected] trace
Where was this (*##$? She disappeared like great Houdini

Against the wall was something sicker than zuccini
I blew her up in bits and bits, her face were gone
MY dick was raw and nibbled to the bone

But she dead, her head was like exploded ^!$$%
A close encounter for the mother$#[email protected] (*##$ killer

[Chorus x2]
The B the I the T the C the H
The K the I the L the L the A

It's the devil in disguise..
Oh yeah, in disguise

[Verse 3]
Cruising down Stocking slow, giving hoes crazy stares
They on their stroll, and half of them I put them there

I saw a (*##$, kind of young, Chinese and black mix
I roll my window down, "Thirty bucks for this trick?"
She approached the Jeep, "I give you a G if it feels like tight"
She said, "The way you talking I could suck your dick all night"
Then it was on, I took her home, that was like her first mistake

Cause what the ain't gonna give, X-Raided locc gonna take
I took her in my room G
She laid on the bed and said, "Daddy, come and kill me"
Not knowing that's what I had for that $$# and get
Like Rick James I'm fixed to torture this (*##$ and %#@!

I laid her on her back with them spreaded
I grabbed my razor blade and #[email protected] lips got shredded
She was bleeding like that time of the month
I cut a hole fat enough to stick my fist up in her cunt
Stunt that life span that dope got sliced

Bleeding like a hemophiliac sucking dried ice
I chopped the (*##$ to bits and bits, yeah
Another victim of the ^!$$% with the sickness

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