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WWE lyrics : "Just Another Victim (Tazz Theme)"


[Chorus 2x]

So you wanna be a thug superstar and live hard
[Just another victim]

Growing up in these streets of brooklyn
Out here in the hook where ya world gets shooken

Thug life's a tough one, my life's a tough one
Don't make me have to reach out and touch one
I'll break ya frame up, turn the flame up

Run ya name up, 'cause you're a lame duck
The tazzmission leads you to submission
You're just another victim, here to rock the friction

I want it all and if it's lead through you
I'm gonna get mine, So you know my name
Be aware cause the mood's about to change!

[Chorus 4x]

Let me tell ya exactly what will happen
When I choke punks out and people start clappin

Switch into mega phase and feel the rage
Of a psycho destroyer that you can't just take
Down for the count cause I just won't let it

I'm here to break bones, Ring the bell, And let's get it
Arm for the strong just like gladiators
Rip out ya spine like the second terminator

Haters ain't got no time for the tactics
I can see through you and the child like tactics
No advances, No chances, Oppositions get a beat down

[Beat him down, dog]

[Chorus 4x]

I got no friends, No allies, Hell rises quick

No love for nothing of you, 'cause you despise my trip
Keep your distance, I don't need your $$#istance
'cause I'm built to last, And made for resistance

The pitbull territer, Bone crusher
When I lock on y'all, You scream like a busta
'cause that's the only way we know out here

When you're a thug, You're always taught to show no fear
My flow hit em dead, Him with anybody, And I'll make sure
That none of these son of a (*##$es get up

Gonna get mine, So you know my name, Beware
Cause the mood's about to change

[Chorus 4x]

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