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WWE lyrics : "John Cena Untouchables"

The Untouchable cat who's style is right,
I could be mistaken for the smooth and silent type,
My violence bites tight like it was vampires teeth,

I'm hammerin G, opponents are beat you put to sleep,
My radical brain will run your terrain,
I'm comin to game,

It's simple and plain,
Your hurtin', there's no numbin the pain,
Warpin' your frame, the complex, with I'll techs, still flex, kill specs, on cassette decks..

Mic checks and tight reps,
Collect all life bets,

We'll see how bright the lights get,
The illest attack,
I fight with artillery jack,

Then physically smack and verbally hung,
You stumble and fumble,
So I gain possession,

Music moves in cycles,
Natural progression,
Thuganmonics lesson is tought,

And Records are bought,
!@%(yze for lies and fillers,
Nowadays, Gorillas make skrilla if the markets correct,

All you need is a hook, and a hand to collect,
Lack cred, but respect MC's before me,
Don't blast the backheat but the streets can't ignore me,

Hands nice I rock it wit peace, leave ya hard reps soft,
Just like when Miami left the Big East

You'll know my stees, yo we raising the bar. $$#asinate the mainstream. you'll know my stees, Trade-Mark n' John Cena, $$#asinate the mainstream.(repeat)

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