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WWE lyrics : "All Grown Up"

Im all grown up.. now and i've listen and learned a true star and im finally gettin my turn took my hell earned my spot im a be here for a minute sonny boy if u like it or not when u think about chicks and whips im on the out though laid back sun in my face just like pop now ive turned around now when the world was mine aint a cloud in the sky stop my shine i love it i aint come from the grim and great now im all top shine rhyming shh when you think about me you think of the best like a full lenght meat going new corvette..yes when i spit consider the mess a mountain of past 6 digits when u think of jackie o you think of sucess,sucess,sucess (chorus)im all grown up now gonna show this world woman take on it all watch the old guard fall im ready for the world 2 come 2 me everyone 2 see i*ll make you believe im in control ohh (all grown up) destiny shines and make it mine listen y*all the old cheap toy got 2 go took my setback got knock out but i aint sweat that trying to leave that count chips and hit my payback listen y*all but they*ll be back like who the balls never though be this way uh till i made it on big got my money right famed spit on and kicked on ain*t no stopping my floor im let u know baby girl the big show rise and fall blink of an eye surprised you can*t take the saw see life try to do me snuff me 1 2 me industry is shady family trying to sue me that*s the life i live try to sush me i come back strong stay on top and last for long reapeat chorus im all grown up.....baby ohh

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