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WU-TANG CLAN : Watch Your Mouth lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Watch Your Mouth"

Y'know? General, general! Word out...

Aiyyo man... you poppin $#&@ers
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

[Intro: Wu-Tang Clan]
It's just rules with beats - you clown ^!$$%z can't rule the streets
We set shop! Wu-Tang, we rule the East

Taking over the block!
[continuously scratched] "From the gate now!"
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

Aiyyo, it's just rules with beats - you clown ^!$$%z can't rule the streets
We set shop! Wu-Tang, we rule the East
Taking over the block, you can't $#&@ with the block!

(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)


Aiyyo, I stay funky and piley, blue Excelero
They lookin for me, what the $#&@ you behind me for?
Stressing everything I breathe on

I'm from the boulevard where ^!$$%z get jacked and peed on
Whatever homey, we more lavish
I might sneak you in the crib, see my lasers and glasses

Try to get my come up on
Yo, and when you see me, you know I got my "come up" arm on
Cartier called me up, robbery here

We got your seed in the back of the Beemer starving
We like lion killers, catch me on stage with the gauge
in my right hand, grenade and this leather bomber

I scout money, you know we hungry and talk funny
Coughing out corner rappers, don't never walk up on me
I write with only insane Malkovich

My troops gave me money to clown with them, $#&@ it
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

[Masta Killa:]
My first gun was a .32, back before uh!
Graduated to the .38, maybe a nine

I prefer the fo' five, stay alive
Techs held the crack gank in '88
8 oz. straight from Florida, the best temp

Camouflage vest, repping the set
Wu on the east wing, twenty-ten, sexy bad
We up at Spain with that thing thing, my crew strong

We take no search for your party dunn, you know how I run
Spray places, cover faces, beat cases
A big mouth will get your teeth knocked the $#&@ out

Keep a nunchuk, take money, stay ninja
I injure, any mother$#&@in contender
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

[Method Man:]
Hey (*##$, your time's up! Go finish them rhymes up

All my soldiers is lined up, my corners is crimed up
^!$$%z know where to find us, settin the grind up
Police checkin them pies up, my rims are shined up

Wu! We on the rise up, crops supplied up
Plottin ^!$$%z demise up, boxed in conduct
Scratch we got 'em sized up, and when the East is in the house

You, you, you, you, you...
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

[Ghostface Killah:]
On the side of the projects, grey skully, bubble 'Lo goose
Mac 11 tucked in front of the belly

Prestigious moves, we killin 'em, hoes we drillin 'em
We like George Foreman out in the streets, we grillin 'em
In the van, .45's and dilly's, ready to slam it

House arrest box is goin off, Tony got grams
Gotta bath tub full of white, lay in it like Sam Montana
Tune 'em out, to blow out, chop 'em like fans

(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

[Inspectah Deck:]

This is boulevard hard, lounging in your black car
Camouflage rat guard on "Stomp the Yard"
I-N-S spit monster bars, flip long regards
My click dons (*##$, y'all are frauds
I get it in like Tim off the glass

Slamming my name, I'm like the prez, sending men off to blast
What I spit, make 'em spend all their cash
I'm so Wu, so new that I ain't ripped off the tags
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

RZA done birthed us, some curse on purpose
I'm the grouch, my mouth is a circus
Burner plus a good learner, don't need a hood
All I need's a good burner, nocturna

Snake rat murderer, all I hear is turf talk
Rack rooms full of goons with bullet wound birthmarks
From the first spark, you heard my response
(Wu-Tang!) More results talkin 'bout whole crew's mission just lost
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

Out the beehive, you dip and you dive
But you still can't survive, you can't see past five
Check the outlook, this is not in the book
You bein dragged across the floor while your 'dro in my hook

Lyrical joust, found all the deal off the books
Steve Rif gave the nod to Universal, good look
Still spit poison venom, Red Monkey and Wu dem
Have any dudes seen the condos? It's all 'em
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)


Put my +clan in da front+, +reunite+ 'em
Make 'em all R.S.V.P., if they want it, we don't invite 'em
No beef, less talk and more action
We parole as a whole, we'll send you back in fractions
Break through fanatic, low crates deep in attics
The Abbott pulled out a .45, looped with static
I scrolled through the menu then rolled to the venue

The dress code is armor all, put a hole up in him
(You better watch your mother$#&@in mouth)

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