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WU-TANG CLAN : The Closing lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "The Closing"

Yeah, yeah
I see everything

I see everything
It's like when we come through

You better have your $#&@in third eye open
You know, cause thats what time it is

Cause it's like, when you walk
You striving for perfection
That's what we doing

So all that little fake %#@! out there
We know the science on that

We done seen that %#@! from, from
From difference of angles

It's like, yo kid, for real
Wu-Tang, we set off a lot of %#@! in this %#@! kid

But you know, you know us
We play it calm, humble

But I just be checking out ^!$$%z darts and I be like
Damn, them ^!$$%z, them ^!$$%z is
Really, really, really, really, really

They gonna stay %#@!!
Uh ha, uh ha ha

But it's all good cause I'm the soul controller
Rather I say we the soul controllers

The bottom line, like I said
Deal with freedom, justice, equality
You know?

Keep shining, add on
Food, clothing, and shelter
All my ^!$$%z, go pick up uniforms

Go, when you buy this album
Go pick up uniforms, for real

Cause don't think we doing this just for anybody
We doing this %#@! for certain ^!$$%z kid
Certain people rather, certain

Certain fans, certain supporters
Certain delegators, word
What the $#&@ man, I'm tired of seeing these

Fake $$# ^!$$%z $#&@ing, running with the $#&@ing globe
Ain't even, ain't even really seeing it the
Way it, it should really be seen

It's like, if you going to spread mathematics
Spread it right


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