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WU-TANG CLAN : The Black Diamonds lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "The Black Diamonds"

I warn you %#@!face! I pick who I'm gonna bury next
Say your prayers fast, cause you're about to feel my arm in

[Verse One: Ghostface Killah]
Freedom of speech; watch how I reach my potential
I stay on the hunt for dope tracks and instrumentals

Travel the world, found black diamonds in the Everglades
Fought temptations, slapboxed in the devil's cage
The globetrotter, spot rusher

I bust in your mouth like a gusher, it's Wu-Tang mother$#&@er~!
"Iron Man," I @@#! my music in the chamber
I'm God's gift; heard I was born in a manger

Danger! Cosmetic face rearrange you
Leave you slumped on the chessboard, found by a park ranger
Burst of adrenaline, bungee jumped off the Verrazano

I sky dive in some sky blue Ferragamo's
Ran the streets heavy, kept my charms chunky
You damn right I $#&@ fans and I keep the munchies

[more kung-fu samples]
Guess you must be, the four dog fist champion

(I've heard of this devil's kick, of course yeah)
(Everyone knows in the kung-fu world)
(It's a method that's never been defeated yet)

Hahaha, and won't be
I suppose I should warn you
I've been given good money, to kill you

[Verse Two: Roc Marciano]
Yo, loose cannon, forty-deuce flicks, two parrots

Lay back at The Palace like Mike Harris
Callous, fly nicest, metallic bang mallets
Fly your whole carriage to Paris

The black Pat Garrett, karats on Donna Karans
Guys die tryin to drive the McLaren
Islamic, burn chronic out on the terrace

Angelic, your body lie cold without spirit
My finest hour, you're sacrificed to a higher power
Fly from the tower, I fry sour

And buy powder, 40 Cal give your pal a shower
You %#@! in your Calvin Klein trousers
The night prowler, your life is ours

Knife your Eddie Bauer, leave you pushin up flowers
You ain't counter chip counters
Them ^!$$%z is pimps, your (*##$ shouted

The 650 get clouded

[even more kung-fu samples]

You'll see~! I'm a master now
And whoever insulted you, pays with his life for this
That I swear! I'll fight now

{*sounds of combat*}
(Okay, not bad)
(Patience, you've not seen it all yet)

[Verse Three: Killa Sin]
Yo, gun or beef, I don't discriminate, beat dudes black and blue

Snack on crews like they food, takin space up on my dinner plate
Dependin on my mental state, the mood that I'm in'll make
me charge like a bull, pull the tool out and ventilate you

Sin-ner takes you down, lace your crown, face get found
full of rounds from the pound, that detonate when they penetrate
Can tell you always been a snake, you don't move like I do

Imitators hate the fact that they can't do what I do
I'm mindful of my rivals, I can smell 'em when they slide through
Provide you my arrival, still won't even get a side view

Won't know that life is over, 'til I'm standin right beside you
It's not that I don't like you mother$#&@ers, I despise you
The other different pedigree, not cut from the same cloth

Stay G'd up from the feet up, while your heart pump duck sauce
I love it when they tough talk, my guns lust to bust off
But every time I squeeze they call police to bus me up North

Sin-ister the Finisher, they label me a menace and got
mad when I laughed at the judge durin sentencing
Not, glorifyin prison but I'm built tough for biddin

See survival of the fittest %#@! I live it e'ry minute
Every hour to the second, I'm granted my respect
Never catch the God in the yard, sharpenin the weapons
Got, shooters on demand, new recruits to the Clan
Sticking everything movin, more loot for the fam

Ain't a damn thing changed, just say the name (*##$

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