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WU-TANG CLAN : Start The Show lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Start The Show"

For money, I $$#assinate
Today, I have an opponent that's worthy

Now, killing me, you won't find that so easy

[Hook x2: Jimi Kendrix]

Clap your hands
Let's start the show, c'mon
1, 2, 3, 4, oh

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Revolutionary gangsta, the will to kill

Everything up, my moves is still
Do it big time, march through the desert and shine
Let the C's live free while we open the lines

Of every black man white man
No color, my writing hand is like dynamite, I fight for land
Blood stains, yo, getting money, infect the plan

You travel to Beijing and end up in Japan
Hoods everywhere, bring the goods in gear
They teach them how to hold mics and (?roll the beers?)

Then stop, check my brothers and sisters in Africa
We know that's theirs, yes, we were lacking
Bush $#&@ed the world up, left our soldiers

Out in Iraq, bless double posers
Hoes try to approach the and goats
Terrorize the city (and forget the quotes?)

[Hook x2: Jimi Kendrix]

[Verse 2: RZA]
They trying to take us down through (?economics?) and atomic bombs
On Islamic culture, just stop Islamic

But Islam is a way of life, Islam is the way of Christ
Islam means peace, the deeds must pay a price
For it's wickedness, politics is the trickiest

Business on this planet, preparedness
Do you ever stop to consider

Slaves, Hitler
Unseen here with the unseen clan
The unclean man for the unclean land

Dumbed down the brightest
Killed his wife in his (?room?), that seems so lifeless
Put a price for things, set up priceless

The fiercest and meanest is stronger than the nicest
Got the power. Is it theirs or is it ours?
Is it a democracy or the (?Marlin Crawlers?)

Do we have a press for president?
Is it a test or a testament? Pest or pestilence?
Who got the evidence?

Who got the common sense? Stop all the negligence

[Hook: Jimi Kendrix]

[Hook x2: Jimi Kendrix]

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