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WU-TANG CLAN : Radiant Jewels lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Radiant Jewels"

Featuring: Cormega
Sean Price

[Intro: Raekwon]
Chef... let's do it...

Criminal kingpins, gangstas and cheap friends
Actors, vixens, ^!$$%s put your kicks in

Blood money when we hawking, ackward gun that go around curves
Bullets braze ^!$$%s with coffin, yo
Watch how to rhyme with hammers, I got two mens

That don't speak English, shooting game's bananas
Down in Spain, my bangles, clusty, checking my swings
Trillians on, yo, cuffing my jeans

Broad day, yo, body another, my microphone is like
Blow 'caine, one, pull the trees, you love us, yo
So killers be cool, pimps, read rules

When a grown man is rapping, it's Ill Street Blues
Striving, ^!$$%, with one side
don't go against totally rent %#@!, ^!$$%, baby gonna die

Yeah, bank robbers armored up, gear like the boys in Heat
DeNiro told one soul to keep quiet

[Interlude: Cormega]
Aiyo, word to mother
Ya'll ^!$$%s better bring ya selfs son, word

When Pun was packing a mack in back of the Acura

I was dealing in them buildings, it wasn't no cameras
The witness savages, snitching was hazardous, now it isin't
%#@! is embarrasing, $#&@ a flow, this is a lyrical aquaduct

Sink or swim for what I'm hearing you bagging up
Lyte like the MC, I'm 'paper thin', you tripping
I'm taking trips, your eyes don't lie, take a glimpse

Into my life, you see me blazing clips,
with the green to make it rich
With a team that'll scrape the Knicks,

and a v that's crazy quick
I came to wear my Yankee fitted, represent for greatness
it's lyrical elevation, causing mental stimulation

If I'm getting too deep, I give you a minute to take in
My jewels radiant, like a view of the Caymans
And thinking you seeing me, who you playing with?

Cor, Mega, raw forever
Fell back, pause, fell off? Never

[Interlude: Sean Price]
P! Shaolin, what up?

[Sean Price]
Aiyo, listen giraffe neck ^!$$%s, I blast techs
Alejandro, came through with the Mexican Aztecs

Rap smack ^!$$%s on a whole different aspect
Homey, owe me dough, that's how we $#&@ed up his last check
Three train Saratoga, train stop, ^!$$% been

Metro part with the plan, make major figures
Foul flagrant, two shots, give me the ball back
You got shot, get off my ball sack

You not hot, give me a call back, ^!$$%s is all wack
Super doopa stupid, get drugs and I fall back
P, ain't a problem that the God can't handle

I set it off First Blood, Sean John Rambo
Whoooo, as you can see, I'm focused
Boot Camp for life, $#&@ the G.I. Joe %#@!

Boot Camp is an Army, better yet a Navy
Marine Air Force Ones, ^!$$%, the %#@!'s crazy, don't play me

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