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WU-TANG CLAN : Maria lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Maria"

[*glasses/jewelry tinkling*]
You my Daddy [email protected]^% [2X]

[Cappa] Whoever she gonna do anyway
But bust it, bust it though baby, bust it
Who else, who else is gonna...

[Verse One: Ol Dirty [email protected]&!]

This is dedicated to all you (*##$es
Knew this (*##$ named Traj, she had a hella fine $$#
Candy-ass, blew my hole in the past

^!$$%rette gave me gonorrhea
#[email protected] dick to the tippy toe like ballerina
Boy you shoulda seen her

She had a babyface creamer Purinas
Called up talkin Tina
I put my dick in a broom

She blew my head like a balloon
I had her walkin on the moon

[Verse Two: Cappadonna]

Yo, I seen you at the five and dime wastin your time

Oh you shine, I'm lookin at your $$# from behind
You walked by smellin like watermelon
You might make me a felon, my eyeballs swellin

My nuts start yellin, excuse my prick
Wanna have a talk with you, I'm sick
My medicine is can I walk with you, fantasy

After that we can cheat, laid on the bed
Handcuffed with hard meat, long stroke smackin
Smack it then broke, nothin can't stop my

continous poke, compound
[email protected]^*o flick music, Daddy came with it when I wrote it

[Verse Three: Ol Dirty [email protected]&!]

Dirt Dog be bouncin on (*##$es like fog

I pollute the air up like smog, (*##$
I'm up my jacuzzi, peepin this smoothie
My (*##$ is a floozy, Dirt Dog ain't choosy

#[email protected] move me, pretty black dick up in the booty
I like it muddy or swampy
By now you find your $$# up %#@!ty creeky

Don't got no $#&@in room me and my momma and my TV
Blackberry squeeze
(*##$ who a tease, [email protected]%$ small, I got used to the squeaks

$#&@ that %#@!, I'm through with this (*##$
Old hen please can't get a bank of these
welfare cheese, now to blow fifty G's

overseas, I'm doin the breeze, in my 850

[Verse Four: RZA]

Suicidal, she been in more hotels than bibles
Idle worshippin (*##$ wasn't the type to make bridle

Sprung, on how the (*##$ maneuvered her tongue
>From the top of his dick, to the bottom of his $$# split
I told the God to jet quick this wicked (*##$ was a harlot

but had him trapped up inside the Charlotte Web
She wasn't choosy $#&@ed for movie and a loose leaf
cigarette, #[email protected] stay wet and juicy like lemons

Big $$# in tight denim
Had the most faithful ^!$$%z sinnin against their women
and enjoyed, to watch relationships get destroyed

This unemployed welfare (*##$ was non-void
and shameless, her attitude was blameless
Even though she had a hundred dicks on her namelist

Her obsession, caused ^!$$%z to get, the $$# cheek injection
The (*##$ed lied, said she had urinary tract infection
I tried to warn em, and bomb em, but she conned em

Wanted ^!$$%z to $#&@ her raw dog without no condom

[*woman moans*] oooooh, ahahhh, ohh

[Wu-Tang movie samples]
You people are all trying to acheive the impossible
That's exactly what we've done
But you'll fail, and you'll all die

If we die, the next generation will fight them too
And the one after them, for as long as they must
And eventually we shall succeed

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