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WU-TANG CLAN : Laced Cheeba lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Laced Cheeba"

[Intro: talking]
"Your kung fu is good!
Your magic is good"

"That's why he waited!
My power had diminished
So he'll have to kill me"

"Yes... but... "
"Your kung fu is still good
If you practice again"

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
Fierce, I travel across seas on glaciers

4 shoguns that got $#&@ed by geishas
Still gracious, still able to twist out thoughts
Just screw up your skin for swimming

With the sharks. broken ankle
$#&@ing with the wallabee clogs
Got them (*##$es still screaming my name

"Waddup sean? " I'm a bone-crusher
I just lit your face like a dutch master
No more mixes - polar bears from alaska

With sharkskin air max's and igloos of ice
Rocks clumped up like overcooked rice
You the reason why the game was sold

Playing ^!$$%s, I come through and cease your?
Like mr. dash, I blast, I'm a menace like dennis
Young ghost, in the bathroom a 6-month sentence

Rehabilitated, back in the yard, flying heads
With barbed wires, stay tying ^!$$%s to beds

[Verse 2: Sean Price]
Everybody get paid
Everybody get laid

All these (*##$es' dirty
Everybody got aids
Everybody get played

Everybody get sprayed
Everybody do what I say
Everybody my maid

B, crack-sellin black felon
That clap "rat tat tat tat tat" melons
Some thugs - one gun, one slug

Shot-caller, like "yo let me speak to young mugs"
Listen, it's mandela par
I grab wack emcees, I smack em hella-hard

I kill ^!$$%s with the birdy click banger
My wu-tang ^!$$%s call me the 36th chamber
Living room, everyone spirit you rap dudes

Smacked off their skateboard for not paying rap dues
Call me the gatekeeper
Break heaters on your face, smoke laced cheeba

[Verse 3: Trife Diesel]
She want a thug, not the lawyer-type

A boy employed to promote and write
Sort of like an I'll de la hoya fight
I'm eating good, enjoying life

Flawless ice, with the bag of flawless white
With little strings attached, pull this might
Toy with my s550 with the raw pipe

Peeling off like snakeskin
Watch the coca bite
Good for price, success story

Going jet for me, you rep?
That's why your cassette's corny
Your money too short for long convo

You in the game hurting, tryna play
Rajon rondo. millionaire swag
Keep your boys ensemble

Prince akeem, coming to america, etc
Whoever said the kite is a messenger
Cause I think like the man behind a register

Quick to pull the toaster out
Stomp, choke em out. we over here
Counting bread, what you loaf about?

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