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WU-TANG CLAN : Execution In Autumn lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Execution In Autumn"

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
You stepped in the pit of the flame
You're lost on beat street

I'mma throw spit on your name
Hit it raw when they mention the name
It's like Mike when he score with like 2 seconds left in the game

Small change, don't step in my lane
I rock too hard body
I click, bang, give em the pain

Nah man, can't get with them games
Your boy born with it
So how you gonna get him to change?

You a lame, putting %#@! in the game
Piranha wanna see me in the state greens,
in prison in chains

But I'm smooth like the groove to the listener brain
And you only understand it if you've been through my pain
Icy white spitters in frames

Hustle in my blood, bet my seed's gonna get it the same
Yes indeed, I'm destined to reign
So ahead of the game

All aboard y'all, get on the train

[Verse 2: Raekwon]

Banana clip, macaholic, I'll slap your Captain John
Go in the freezer, gotta sneeze the tits out the toilet
^!$$%s is norbits, runnin up on the dice game

Call it preacher suit or holdin a raw affair
Put that call in, it's dough in the wall, stall him
Plastic bags laying in the floor with ya

It's just dog's day, reservoir out in Utah yo
Where my dope in [email protected][email protected]&&'s got more than
Real nights and for them, we pay to have a roast

$$#assins is strapped, this the only way the yay grows
More leverage, more 7's, ridin around with legends
Payin judges or we be up in New York repping

Raise it on up


Hine, yo

[Verse 3: RZA]

Miramax movie magic,
Cold beer on tap, rumor has it
Words put ideas on ideas on track

Footprints, I walk on earth and appear on maps
Star Police, 2.5 mill a year on cap
Move weird on my cap, gandis on a lap

300 pushups a day, put the trees on yo bag
Beat the traffic, a lieutenant black man
Who invented chopping samples up

To make the beats that's ascended to
Every genre of music, the whole spirit of music
I produce arrange, engineer the music

[Verse 4: U-God]
Yo, my ear candy been dope

My pen stroke like Zoro
Hit the heavy the heavy bag like Foreman in the Congo
Mini transmitter, night vision in the stronghold

Rock long roads, smell snakes with a strong nose
Every time the horn blow the Wu signal's back on
Transform, platform, a whole nother platform

We coming back for em to smash the spot
Kid, I'm only team too, pass me to the rock
Til the casket drop, I'mma flip yo wig

Rip close, honey didn't know my dick this big
You get kicked in the ribs with 2 chrome gauge
They leavin em, I send em back to stone age

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