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WU-TANG CLAN : Diesel Fluid lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Diesel Fluid"

Mef on deck man, mef on deck
Sad day wu-tang right here, routine, gambino

(Method man)

Yo I'm in the weed spot, pounds a purp, bowl of cereal,

Cartoons is on my favourite %#@! is the smurfs,
Now I don't slip when I'm down in the dirt
Cause by this time I done seen life and figured the amount that it's worth,

It's the first, cops lookin' for work, got my ^!$$%z all cuffed up sweatin
Like a hooker in church,
This old woman on the way to a church, she said the neighbourhoods $#&@ed

And we the ones that's maken it worse, now that's $#&@ed up I hit the block
Hard, timberlands is scuffed up,

No justice in this system, look around it's just us, and tell me only god can
Judge us,
But they ain't never met judge Kuffner,

I'm lookin at this cracker on the bench, Don't understand I only sold crack
To pay the rent, but that's possesion with intent, player I ain't stressin
Imma pimp,

My (*##$es love the @@#!tail dressin' with the shrimp.


(Trife Diesel)

Come on, Yeah,
You fools don't hava clue do you,
Movin them keys boost you trooper like he su-su, ^!$$% ya weed du-du,

We burn that cali kush, my flow be on steroids that %#@! that barry took,
Hurtin the game like a coarse that's on ya daddy's foot,
My ^!$$%z carry big guns, ya'll ^!$$%z carry books,

We shook ^!$$%z get stripped beated and wiped out,
Con ed status like fab ^!$$% it's lights out,
(Lights out ^!$$%)

Wha ya life bout?^!$$% my life blush?
I lost both of my parents my ^!$$% life sucks,
Us billy boys sold toys but they don't like us, raw like the nose on a fiend

Sniffen that white stuff,
Movin with the semi(semi), egg plant pennys,
Hopin out the Bentley lookin like I just won a emmy, (fly),

Never been a sloucher dog cause imma alpha, (woof), male got that product on
Sale, redeem your voucher, leader of the gang I'm speckie, you alfalfa,
Little rascals with no hastle I will out ya,

Sincerly doubt ya and I will house ya pouching out infront of your crib
Just like a scalper...



Every time I pick up the mic I put work down,
Cops don't like me cause I live in a murk town,

My highschool hommies sold crack through songs,
Can't get right through the team like two wrongs, mad criminal mind and
Cream mother$#&@ers,

Tight subliminal rhymes, sceam mother$#&@ers,
Can't shake the monkey life is a (*##$, jayze tried to jump me, wife be a

Killa bees wild like c74, new york (*##$ adolescence at war,
$#&@ the government girl they made us this way, you a [email protected]$)ot listen'n to
What that chick say,

This escape route gotta be free like, $#&@ hoes, I don't care if the world
Knows, hardcore

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