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WU-TANG CLAN : Concrete Jungle lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Concrete Jungle"

[*bees buzzing*]

[Prodigal Sunn]

Ladies and gentlemen: Sunz of Man
Uhh, Jungle of Concrete
yo, yo

[Chorus x4]
In the jungle, we gotta rumble with the bees/wee

Ain't nothin sweet, we gotta eat

[Timbo King]

Yo, we come from starvin days, runnin up in Dr. J's
Rock away, so the mega trades, diggin, pockin days
Yo, the aids wasn't in, calm braids all trimmed

Army suits snatched and Timbs
You'se a friend, snatch a gem

[Prodigal Sunn]
I spent a lifetime of doin crime, hustlin dimes, guzzlin wine
Smugglin wives, one of a kind

Under the sunshine, movin as one mind, the genuine
Star child, Allah's style, many say their barber's wild
When I element the foul, prowl, upon the weekend of sweet

I gotta eat, generate with the heat, demolish beats
Collectin sheets, war with beast, Islamic warrior
Livin the mass hysteria, the bomb shell of America

Swell competors, explicit lyrics from the editor
Realistic predator, the rhyme writer, climb heights
Rhymes ignite, MC's reputation, blown out of sight

On the mic device, my crew get nice, shoot dice
Doin callistetics, young diplomatics with automatics
The asiatic, $#&@ a fanatic, I split his attic

You don't want no static, I make you carriage for the rabbits

[Chorus x2]

[Hell Razah]
We've got to take what we want, let these others rappers front

Yo, take that, you ain't goin get it laid back
Best record what I say, ain't no time to playback
That's right platinum hits, yo, before the age at

Gather millions, acapella in the streets, today crack
$#&@ opinions, I'm hittin to the nights endin
A new beginin, takin over men and women

Thoughts used for sinnin, neighborhood no grinin
Thug religions, expeditions, startin for a mil
Stick the student for his intuition

Beyond college, street knowledge, got to eat knowledge
Off the tree of life, while seek wallets
Credit cards, some trust for their gods

In the Wizard of Oz, you get it all to get robbed
Price is on the food and the Earth's precious jewels
Ain't the golden rules from the golden black jewels

Steppin out the furnace, only run with fast learners
Burn cash and we stash burners
We be the underground childs, mainstream now

Sort of like Apocalypse, bloaw, blaow
Take what you own, must return to your home
Claim back your throne, we're on a higher zone

Black Lazurus, plus we're not havin it
Pass the diamonds on the wrist, we're on some take the earth %#@!
Demolish every tool, that y'all ^!$$%z work with

The barcode, bio chips be short circuited

[62nd $$#assin]

Here in this jungle, jungle, jungle ?
I'm livin through, your crew on the subject
The loot, I'm new improved

Plus my time piece is bullet proof
I need a bulldozer or crane, that stains like in vain
You be the blood and I be the drainin on

Forgot to burn your proper on, with the tool stone
Written, founded dead on this spot
You emergin, believe I'm the surgeon

Rhymes leave your brain on all right, double scenes
Back hand, slap you, clap thoughts, like evil raps
Play that, what it slap right back
You was seen, soak the zeen
Self esteem, so common, even suckers die

Major League, total $$#assinator, rhyme complicator
The devil and the sword bring death, feed Jamaica
Rain or hurricane, step on my house
Into the house on severe pain, strong like a pyramid
Nothin but various parts of the house that Jack built

The little house on the praire, I huff and I puff
And I blow your brain to a seisure
Before you step to me, you should of called off
Ceaser's father, mercy words, I'm no joke
I cancer smoke, I reply, "your brain and told"

I live for my tech 9, uzi, grenade, all cause of one rhyme
Better believe, sleeves, I buck you chicken
Make you love us, my mic around your neck to bug it

[Chorus x4]

[various talk to fade]

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