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WU-TANG CLAN : Campfire lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Campfire"

[Intro: kung fu sample from "8 Diagram Pole Fighter"]
Today I'll talk about kindness
Justice, faith and kindness

I want you to listen carefully
Kindness and faith, are the foundation
Without them, we can't become good people

And with justice, we know we can lead a good life
And how can I be a good man then, eh?
Well, first of all, you have to practice honesty

Keep your temper, never lose control of yourself
Keep control...

Be patient, if you learn to do these things, you can master anything

[Chorus: The Persuasions "Gypsy Woman" sample]

Out of nowhere, there came a caravan
This was around a campfire light
A lovely woman in motion

Her hair was as dark as the night

[Method Man:]

Cruising on the interstate, just follow while I innovate
Too many try and imitate, medallion like a dinner plate
Front and get ya dinner ate, chinchilla for the winter, wait

I'm trying to bring the "Sexy Back" like Timbaland and Timberlake
Spitting like a calico, kush from a Cali hoe
Tell that joker "tally ho", put shots in that Denali, yo

RZA you know how we go, on them 20's, that's how we roll
And I don't eat berries but eat a Berry like Halle though
The game criminal, my, my chain figaro

My, my dames pigeon-toed, I'm still the same ^!$$% though
Uh, kid rock a fitted low, still got a wicked flow
And I'm like Barry Bonds on anything that RZA throw

[Ghostface Killah:]
On anything that RZA throw, Ironman's invisible

I left my chick for cheating on me, now that (*##$ is miserable
Popping bottles, painting hella Wallo's on my physical
We gon' have a ball, might as well pick a [email protected]*^

Purple haze festivals, smoke a ^!$$% like a bowl
F**k a coma, now the state you laying is a vegetable
You wanna see me? Like you ain't checkable

You like a CD, I burn you and I wrecked a few...


[Interlude: kung fu sample (RZA)]
Only God, has lept into avenged mind

And can, distinguish good, from evil
Hahaha (Aiyo Cappa)

We gotta get more cake together, so we could branch out
Preserve land, get a boat and a ranch house

Call me a dreamer, but I hustle for real
You thought that I fell off but now I'm attacking the field
All in Chicago, grinding, putting it down

Crush blocks of MC's, I ain't playing around
Yo, you heard me on The Bassment, giving it to 'em
Fake dudes hiding theyself, but I could see through 'em

Diggler, what? I'm trying to live and raise kids
While you throwing up ya sign, I'm laying 'em down, kid
Plus, I'm back home now, doing my thing

Thirty dollars to Medina just to cop me a ring

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: kung fu sample]
A good friend, holds his drink

Bad company makes bad wine!
Drinking among friends
Red wine means a good life

A few drinks bring comfort
Two drinks are enough
Money can't buy courage

Riches mean nothing to us
Brilliant, a display of genius

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