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WU-TANG CLAN : Bastards lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "Bastards"

[Ruthless [email protected]&!s]
[Verse one:]
Check it, these cold days got me in a physical rage

Walking through the dark path in this invisible maze
My individual is criminal but lyrical plays
A big part in my life in this critical state

Apocolypse, twist up the bamboo
Swine life I cant handle
@@#! the mack candle, pop the Jack Daniels

Im a shine like candles in a blackout
Your guaranteed to fall before the last bout
$#&@in wit Ruthless you $$#ed out

The size of these guns a make you pass out
Im like hollow tips the way I blast out
Its all revolving, too much problems, no solving

Ask me what Im involved in, Im a say robbin and mobbin
Im runnin this %#@! ^!$$% joggin
No thanks for livin on Thanksgiving Im still starvin

[Verse two:]
Yo, Im not new to this, Im true to this

What you gonna do to lips?
Man if I tell you one more time Ive been doin this, mound u loopbp
Ruthless be wettin these clowns up

Yo partner turn that sound up
Reverse the crowd round up
And this one, new on the block just like a rookie

Frontin like he hard dunn he mustve ate some thug cookies
No evidence plus I heard his clique be on that tellin %#@!
You let him sell a bit so bustin hims irrelevant

Just get these presidents, the reallest thing man lust
Once the papers in my hand its like I got a roush
Aint gainin trust, cause man I aint tryina get bust

Run for cover, pull a trigger, watch em all turn to dust
A ribbon in the sky, I watched his mom dukes cry
Too bad her son had to die for startin up the two four five

Guns never lie, chains like slaves go but heavy
Down in my belly, attatched to my waist is a celly
For plannin funerals and gettin ^!$$%s buried

I wanna lead this life but I can hear it callin me like R. Kelly

[Verse three:]

Shoeless shine like sunny days
My style on the loose like runaways
Its crazed in the battle get you open like a bag of purple haze

When hell get $#&@ed up
Cant hang slow the $#&@ up, I represent Staten
Push my buttons you get stuck up

I love thick (*##$es so ooh keep your $$# shakin
I be money makin, In nive seven I like em taken
$#&@ fakin wilden and breaken, in the club gettin my groove on

The gat in my Tims just incase you wanna move on
Been off the Bacardi to Moe
Slayin this chick off that keeps sweatin my body so (who can love you like


[Verse four:]

Sagoddi, swingin tux wit wallys
Yall ^!$$%s dont wanna try me
For them presidents by now Ill leave you dead

Filled up wit hot lead, hollow heads for you thug breds
Its the righteous, life is trifeless, challenges and sacrifices (tell em

Ruthless cause we flip tracks, pack gats, and give slices
A poor heistess, you think your nice now meet the nicest
Son a actress, stick him like a cactus, bouce like a matress

Teflon fatigues if you try to wack this
You aint know it was cold on these streets
Only time its warm dunn when I got the heat

Drag my knicks and five eights, I need a gimick to compete
Triggas, Im squeazin em at the crossroad Im leavin em
They got the guard locked I got knocked so I could be wit them

[Verse five:]
Attack wit tactics, thats fantastic that for realah

Throw me cuts to chop the beat wit your five claws
Create tracks that blow the hinges off the doors
Thats all I can stands and I cant stands no more
Whirlwind mind spins off Seagrams gin
Started all over and dont know where to begin

Extreme measures got my thoughts on gettin pleasure
These cats know that I clap holes through they leather
Statens sick and we cant get no better
Police trap, we get away too clever
Lyrics jotted down on paper causes terror-

Ism, now im gone hit em
Give em what we been givin em, thats the rythem
Staight up, all you crab ^!$$%s sleepin need to wake up
Im like peroxide cause I stay bubblin in the cut
^!$$% please, Im thirsty for this cheese

I run up in your lab and make your anti freeze
Its like that, from the Stat where I live at
The bees are snakes and they just feed off the $#&@in rats

[ All ]

If im a [email protected]$( then your a [email protected]$(
Everybodys a [email protected]$(
Get the gats cause %#@! is drastic

[ 5x ]

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