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WU-TANG CLAN : 16th Chamber (Odb Special) lyrics

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WU-TANG CLAN lyrics : "16th Chamber (Odb Special)"

[Intro: Method Man]
16th Chamber, temple number five

[Method Man:]
Somebody said it's on, if it is then I'll be set
To blow a ^!$$% up, with my Five Fingers of Death

I bring it to his whole damn fam, understand
If he frontin, on any man down with the Clan
I be comin, for that headpiece you can't cope

For my brother, I even kill a Pope, word to mother
Serial, killa, style from the Isle of Stat
My peoples are you with me where you at?

%#@!'s gettin deep in here, I mean like thick
^!$$%z lookin all in my face like they want dick
It's about to hit the fan, hit the flo'

That's all I can stands, and I can't stands no mo'
What is it? ^!$$%z think they bigga
Because they got the finga on the trigga of a biscuit

They don't know I'm wicked, when I start to kick it
With the raw sound, wash it down with a Mystic
Better yet a Snapple, ^!$$% want the juice

But he don't want the hassle
Thought they trying to overthrow the castle
Better yet the temple, I'm comin to your town

Black down, the rental, car, the pistol
YAH! If you don't want a burn from glock
Then beware, I buck shots, meaning what, the buck stops

Here, no more dough will be made
Unless it's being made by who... the 1-6-Ooh

[Interlude: Raekwon (Method Man)]
Chamber four (1-6-Ooh) Chamber four
Temple number nine, temple number nine

[Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!:]
I'm the original G-O-D

Making young ladies scream is my specialty
When I go ooh-wah, ooh-wah, ooh-wah, girls wanna get hype
From the funky fresh music that was stereotyped

When I kill, that ol' mad rugged flow
Not sayin Ason, is like a duck of disco
Or a disco duck, I'm strictly hip hop

Yo, Ason, what's up? I can't stop...
Wu-Tanging, flipping the script and
You could test my skills, but ^!$$%z must be trippin

[email protected]&@ed up from sniffin, you're the one who's riffin
I'm not Opie, save that old %#@! for Andy Griffith
You start to flip, now ya slip, cause you're slippin

While you sleep I be the God on point, like Scottie Pippen
As I, jump on stage, cold flip a rip a show
Strip or rip a hoe, ready like Bo

Jackson while I'm still taxin, I'm maxin
Relaxin, sittin backs and, laying tracks and
Again and again when I rock this jam

I wanna see 'em up in the air, throw up your hand
Introducin, the one-man band
A child that's wild, now with the style, couldn't stand

^!$$%z wanna jump, then stepped, to the center
Of the rhyme inventor, MC tormentor
You get jacked and slapped, across the MC map

I laugh at ya $$#, on a horse shack
Come on through I black and blue your whole crew
Then I get rudie with the Hong Kong Phooey

The Ol' Dirty [email protected]&!, MC killer
Money maker, Brooklyn, Shaolin style
That I lay down like tile

Gotta hit you up, one blaow, so you better come down...

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