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WRITING OFF TOMORROW lyrics : "All the Blood I Need"

No fear now
scream as loud as you please
my innocence makes you the fool

that they all need
I've got to know
You've a love that's blinding

I've got to know
Before you know your heart will scream for me.

This sickness takes over
I'll let it pull you down to me
love circumvents your happiness

you'll fill my every need
I'll lie to you, but I'll die for you
and then you'll die for me

I'll keep you, I'll feed you
You'll give me all the blood I need.

This game we play
only one can win
and there's no lasting chance you'll ever play again

I've got to know
You'll fall for all to see
For this wonderful lie...won't you say goodbye.

That look in your eyes
mirrored in mine

betrays the fear
the fear I'm trying to hide

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Thanks to maria.01215