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WRETCH 32 lyrics : "Fire in The Booth"

Presence felt in the church I ain't even religious
I just made a new hymn in the name of forgiveness
Hope you feel it in your soul let it play with your spirit

I just tell you how I roll I get paid for my business
See every year could really be your last
This year nearly ended when it start-ed

Me losing the maddest weight getting mad chest pains
I'm really beating my heart
Still that said there's no therapy in the glass

I just say bury me with a flask
I am still just a pain in the arse
Getting brave in the dance swinging my chain in my palm

Baby come and roll with a star, in a space ship
I believe that having it all is just the basics

If my net allows me to ball I throw it straight in
See I'ma stunt for everyone on the slave ship
Probably hear that and get mad at me

But I just gave a years salary to charity
My actions talk so didn't have a speech
Get paid for syllables a couple pound a piece

My family begged me to take a holiday
But I'ma rest in peace when I rot away
How can my focus be getting on a plane

When it ain't economic to fly economy
I Backed up my phone to get space had to give it room
Second time touring again I need bigger room

Now I got a yard with some space and some bigger rooms
I just ate the game for my lunch I'll have dinner soon
I'm picking rappers out my teeth

n***** swagger jacking me
Swear you couldn't pay my taxes for a week, No uh
My albums in the plane still I'm rapping on the streets

How the hell are you getting on top of me huh?

I'm writing in my mind so my head pad's crammed up

I flow sick call me jet black cancer
A real gift I can out rap Santa
That's why they're saying I'm the Def Jam RapStar

I'm elevating I could walk into space
I control pads say its all in the game
And I ain't brag much about my fortune and fame

But when I move in I'd remortgage my chain
See I came from a estate blatant

But I could write my way into my estate agent
I got right of way while the rest stay patient
Wanna be 32 there'll be a wretch invasion

But I don't even mind, you know why?
Cause I'll be too fly, Abu Dhabi Dubai

I'm buying some new scarfs you bruddas can not buy
And I I'm still rapping I'm real rapping
I guess I opened up a new lane and killed traffic

This macho mans a real savage
I will drop kick slick out my tongue it's called bragging
Real swagging I don't know the meaning of

More time I just see a piece of cloth
Still I bought me a decent watch it don't tell me what time I'ma meet my God

I'm just saying with a hash tag
For my pebbles I fling stones and I bam bam
True I didn't enrol with them bank scams

But still got white dough from a black cab
They say the meters still running

I ain't had a clash guess the ethers still coming
I ain't one to brag but I will fulfil something
Try play brave heart you'll have to leave the field running

Run running away I won't chase ya
I'm a foundation spitter with no make up

A foundation spitter with no grades cuz
But I got a A class and a few acres

I guess that's what the brain does
It makes you work with your strengths
See I am better with the pen than I am at going pen
Use my own mind that's why they saying I'm ahead

And I been running through the graveyard
And anytime I see a fox I play Ray Charles
See this game is all about the long run
So why'd you think Eminem done 8 mile
That's 8 miles and running

Eight thousand coming
Till my UK tour I'm as proud as mum is
Keep the crowd them buzzing
Look at the crown they love it
Do ya everything you won't amount to nothing

This one is for my teacher
I'ma tell her to call me sir when I see her
Ask her this one little question what's plaque times plaque multiplied by features
Wretch 32 success rolling through genes and my jeans suit

Most my life I been a nightmare
So I thought I'd hold on to my dreams too
Yes look
I'm just tryna kill it before I die
I ain't tryna put a limit on my sky

The games digital now
They can listen with my eyes
Even Charlie Sloth's televised

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