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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "Texas Rangers"

(feat. D-Gotti, Big Pokey, Tyte Eyez, Ronnie Spencer)

[Hook x2: Ronnie Spencer]

See I'm a Texas ranger
No longer a stranger
My tab at the bar, cost more than your car

Got 500 horses, in my yard


See I'm a Texas ranger, candy paint changer
Thoed in the game, and I don't rock no rings
Three wheel hangers, sliding through danger

Thank God, the Shop done came up
Now I'm saying blessings over lobster, and alligator tail
I'd done front an automatic, start SL

Birds on my peely pale boots, that them damn fools
Wrecking no, pull em back to life Benz Coupe
Disappearing roof, they trail me to the saloon

To have some dranks, we some cats from out the 2
Happy hour over soon, I dropped some on my tab
Give the bar tender five G's, and dab

Then I grabbed my dame, and slid out slow
'Fore I bobbed and weaved the lot, I pulled out slow
Now you know, Gott-O been thoed since the manger

But I'm blessed, to no longer be a stranger

[Hook: Ronnie Spencer]

[Tyte Eyez]
No longer a stranger, it's been 10 years in the Lone Star

I traveled from Louisiana, in a Lincoln town car
A little home sick I hit me, but right quick
I was right back in the mix, turning crumbs to bricks

Still not knowing I would be dropping hits, with Mr. Dix
He was still in Atlanta balling, that's what they called him
Penny fool back to Tex, and called that ^!$$% D-Reck

Hooked up with P-A-T, then the Shop been in effect
Ever since I reminisce, about my G's that passed
And I continue to mash, like everyday is my last

And I know that in the long run, I might just get tired
But I'm building this empire, so my shorties can retire
At a young age done paid, dues in the great

State of Texas, coach leather sattle on my Lexus
Don't test this 3rd Coast, born ^!$$% or your life's in danger
With one in the chamber, I'm a Texas ranger

[Hook: Ronnie Spencer]

[Big Pokey]
I'm a T-E-X-A-S ranger
State, with some'ing in the chamber cause it's dangerous

We ain't strangers, struggling it's hard nottas
Hard blocks and drops, hard tops
Gotta get it, till my heart stop

And I'ma be here, until God set my alarm clock
I can't lie, I love my state
When I eat I flood my plate, I love my way

Every chance I get, I'ma rep for Screw
That was one of the realest, ^!$$%z I ever knew
True to the game, real Texas ranger

Was famous, but didn't let the fame change us
We some brain stainers, you could believe that
Swang on swangas, you gotta see that

This the place to be at, why
I can't explain, it's a Texas thang

[Hook x2: Ronnie Spencer]

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