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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "Picture Perfect"

(feat. D-Gotti, Double D, E.S.G)


Huh, Double D, E.S.G., D-Gotti
Wreckshop baby, yeah, come on, yeah

[Double D]
It was a dream, formulating a team with a scheme
Stepping up in the ring, with ^!$$%z who making green

Let's put the past behind, mash on the rhyme
Man surround ourself, with smart ^!$$%z on the grind
Representing the cause, a rebel without a pause

Knowing that running (*##$es, ain't the way to shot call
And some of y'all be falling face first, when you think
You at the bottom, it can always get worst

So first things first ^!$$%, keep your mind off that gold digger
And don't be giving in the Nol' ^!$$%
I make sho' I get the do' quicker, before I'm done

I bet that $$# get the whole picture, the whole picture

[Hook x2]

Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture
Send this to all my ^!$$%z on the grind
For a million and dealing with these streets

Everyday is a struggle, we steady working muscle
Trying to piece the puzzle

It's been a struggle since birth, out here trying to make it work
Seeing mama on welfare, and daddy steady doing dirt

It hurt feel a ^!$$%, situation I mean
No discipline, plus we hotter since my skin my scene
My team, always a prospect for the Penn

Pray for dividends, corner sto' it's all blood trying to win
And the clock spinning time went, the game gots on
15 on chrome, and mama hate I got condoned

It's on 16 sitting on nine, mama she dying
I could bump and grind, long as the bills on time
By now, I'm capitalizing on a career

Visualize in a mirror, the epidemy of a street mercenteer
Now I'm in real Gucci sweaters, carried nothing but a baretta
Gave the groove back to Stella, and now these times got better

Got the Benz paint got wetter, gotta feel that
Picture perfect in your face, and D-Gotti he painted that

[Hook x2]


Trying to paint a perfect picture, but my paint keep dripping
No negotiating with the hatas, ^!$$% we can't be tripping
Skipping school flipping rude, trying to stack me some green

Sick and tired of me and my brother, sharing three pair of jeans
Step daddy dope fiend, biological missing
So now it's a must, I put it down in the kitchen

Palms itching, ^!$$%z (*##$ing and snitching, I ain't switching
Million dolla mission, taking ^!$$%z positions
I'm the new quarterback, you want your starter back

Notorious E.S.G., wrecking %#@! on harder tracks
Flip flop, drip drop, drop top, Wreckshop
Bleed the block, leave it hot, then we hit the next spot

Over here, over there, playas bouncing everywhere
Album after album, other labels say it ain't fair
Fat Pat, E.S.G., Pimp Tyte, NWO

By the time Ronnie come out, everything is in the sto'

[Hook x2]

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