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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "Nu World Order"

(feat. D-Gotti, D-Reck, Dirty $, E.S.G)


Wreckshop, 2000, uh
Get em up, get em up, get em up
Get em up, where my G's at

Get em up, get em up, get em up
Get em up, where them trees at

[Hook x2]
It's the new world order, true trend starters
Boys try to copy, but they can't come harder

Throw it like you know it, scream it like you mean it
The things they dream about, we done already seen it

I be the D-R-E-C
Coming with mo' flavor, than a swisha sweet leaf

Introduced the Shop, when I dropped P-A-T
Hit the flow went ghetto gold, the rest is history
Ran our break, chance I take, the money I make I wreck states

If the rap game was a computer game, I'd be the new Bill Gates
Innovator, heavy weight move shaker, bread breaker
Hold it man elevator, chance taker, star maker

G's making jobs, and playa hater exterminator
Navigator album, narrator
Thought it was over but it ain't, billion dollas later won't break the bank

Po' up drank, wet the paint, boguard on a empty tank

It ain't gon never stop me, it'll never stop

We bomb on you boys, bomb on you boys

[Hook x2]

Hit the do' strapped for show, sitting on 4's with the Wreckshop crooks

Boys run around through H-Town, peep around trying to steal my hooks
Wanna be a balla, wanna be the don
Monkey see monkey do, now you come through that ambiance

Wreckshop the bomb here we come, on the run from the paparazzi
Boys wanna copy but they sloppy, try to follow us to the damn production
Wanna be just like me, knowing you don't like me

Keep it real ha how you feel, catch a square and fight me
They told me keep it playa, I'm bombing on you hoes
The first up out the South, two hundred diamonds on my clothes

Smoking bank shine and grind, E.S.G. they still don't love you
Acting bad first boguard slab, on his album cover what

Get em up, get em up, get em up
Get em up, where my G's at
Get em up, get em up, get em up

Get em up, where them trees at [x2]

[Hook x2]

[Dirty $]
We could turn your wife shady, from a 3-80

Man who you think you playing with
Wanna act some like G's, seventeen in the clip
So I could watch these hollow tips split

And make your heart stick dicks eternally
You haters ain't concerned to me
We concentrate on currency, paper chase is an emergency

Trying to push something German you see
It's an emergency, a selfish robbery
There ain't no stopping thee

Shop to wreck, we do chin checks
Where the tissue at, dissect like surgery

Lobster for lunch, pass the blunt
Boys don't really wanna mess with us

Buckle up, show you hoes that you plain scared
To go on ahead and knuckle up
Come with us do a show with us

Get out of line we born to bust
Broads acting silly, having fun with us
And have war behind my, commandants
At the ambiance six double O valet
Step down, the broads staring

At the Gucci suit that I'm wearing
Princess cuts be glaring
I'm a man, they wish they could marry
Like Donna, my click don't be caring
I'm a young man Wreckshop savage

And a living for apparatus, the baddest

[Hook x2]

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