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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "Mash for Cash"

(feat. D-Gotti, Double D, E.S.G)


Mash for cash, trying to overload the stash
Boy your gun gon let your mouth, overload your $$#
Now $#[email protected] a ski mask, bare faced and we blast

We hit your cuts light it up, then we dash
Don't let your mouth, overload your $$#
Get smashed write a check, that your $$# cash

Don't let your mouth, overload your $$#
Get smashed write a check, that your $$# can't cash

Now Lord help this G, the ten commandments I done broke one
Went out my way with a AK, had to smoke one

We tote guns, E.S.G. got plenty
You got beef that's weak, you best to leave it at Wendy's
Endo and henny, got my brain set confused

Tear drop tattoo, bout to get some blood on my shoes
But fool you lose, trying to play that punky Suge Knight %#@!
You get your hoe $$# kicked, or hit with a sixty round clip

Better close hem loose lips, or get smacked like a hoe
^!$$%z accurate, cause E heart ain't black no mo'
It's Wreckshop mother$#[email protected], so keep that plex

Now $#[email protected] a vest, gattling gun and tear a hole in your chest
A bloody mess what's next, you won't see me no mo'
SKS with a scope, when you see E oooh

Cause hoes you know and I know, can't nan ^!$$% take mine
Want some good advice, better get your $$# back across that state line



Lord forgive me, I done seen had to take a man's life
Another victim of genocide, I'm talking black on black crime
Wonder formaldehyde, 14 young when I did it

Most ^!$$%z scream killa, but D-Gotti he live it
I admit it I was wrong, but life goes on
Head stone under my belt, gotta deal with it till I'm gone

It started out Monday morning, on my way to high school
Got out my do' and then some hoes, some stolen merchandising too
Bending Screw out the do', Polo to the feet

Beep beep goes my pager, 911 emergency
That's my T. hell cream, backdo' on my way
Into the house do' kicked down, and tears running down her face

Police done wrecked the place, but the merchandise I bought
It's my fault but I'm like $#[email protected] it, he gotta pay the cost
Had to take a walk, with my nine on my side

We bumped heads I'm steaming hot, he talking down I open fire


[Double D]
Who got the hardest beats around ^!$$%, who keep it underground

Who make the whole town, lay the $#[email protected] down
Don't let your mouth overload your [email protected]#*, you ain't famous
Mob %#@! fa sho', you can't tame us

I'm riding with my %#@! off safety, you ^!$$%z wanna chase me
Then run up fool, I hope to God you don't make me
Get my killas and ride, too much chaos for you to hide

4-5 between your eyes, ain't no way to survive
I got killas in fo' states, and I'll alert em at will
That way you can't do no shows, without you getting your cap pealed

For real, cause ^!$$%z ain't no (*##$ in me
I got the blood of a G, running thick through me
And I'm aiming for head shots, there ain't no games to be played

You in the war field ^!$$%, with the army brigade
It's Wreckshop no guessing, we tearing holes for testing
And $#[email protected] any ^!$$% you impressing, with that %#@! you stressing


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