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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "Legally Ball"

(feat. D-Gotti, D-Reck, Double D)

[Hook x2]

In the season of drought
The music, still let us floss
Cause we done cleaned the house

And now we legally ball

[Double D]

Now I'ma make it known, that it's about to be on
This Wreckshop representer, I'm mashing on the mic and I'm gone
I'm isolated for eight weeks, high making beats

Underground and all over town, we heard in the streets
Bleeding the block feeding the flock, the whole nine
I'm weeding glock hit to my side, at all times

Thanking God for mine, that's the way I prevail
And this ^!$$% wanted to shine, so I had to make mail
To get the house and the 600, them hoes funny

Talking down when a ^!$$% done it, that's how I run it
Making moves with D-Reck, so ^!$$%z don't like it
But ^!$$%z gotta respect that, my whole place

Protected wih AK's and rugers, a whole gang of shooters
With high tech computers, so when it's time to do you
My adversaries, getting carried away

That's on the real ^!$$% chill, cause we don't play

[Hook x2]

It started off a dream, on a triple beam

Plotting on a scheme, to rock this music scene
Dre dropped the Chronic, and everybody get blunted
Now I'm moving weed with Eaz', everybody was on it

No more crawling to balling, at a rapid pace
No more stalling to falling, I'm stuffing my safe
Relocated pent houses, I reside high rise

Went to the BMW dealership, I made foggy eyes
How lucky could I be, to meet P-A-T
Reunite with Double D, and that ^!$$% Noke D

And that boy E.S.G., and that D-Gotti
We the Wreckshop family, making ghetto history
Now it's on it's on, we the head of the throne

Wreckshop in that $$#, like a g-string thong
If you hating on this, you can suck my dick
D-Reck been balling ^!$$%, way before this music %#@! that's real

[Hook x2]

I still remember on the block watching cops, moving rocks
Chasing dreams but it seems, I was ending up locked

In a cell, fiending for that funny fast mail
I got a story to tell, I've been living in hell
Selling for less, when I always wanted the best

Was it worth the chances I took, and the situations addressed
God bless my soul, I walked a mile on glass
Bare footed filled with pain, but I got down and mashed

Paid bills for my mama, even though I placed drama
So sick with Pops, I could damn near vomit
Standing still like a zombie, but my angels was watching

Now I step in Gucci insides, and I'm microphone rocking
Five thousand lyrical tossing, from the show last night
Eating teriyaki with a oriental, on a private flight

We gon ball despite, or the game with same change
I hear voices in my head, and they constantly saying

[Hook x4]

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