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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "I'm Tha Shit"

(feat. Lil' Shay)


$#&@ it we got one, know I'm saying
Wreckshop baby, I got my ^!$$% D-Reck in here
What's happening with ya baby, Dirty $

Slow it up, it's going down uh huh


Cruising through the city, with the top down
Got the scene, on lock down
Everybody and they mama on bop now, I'm the %#@!

Cruising through the city, with the top down
Got the scene, on lock down
(*##$ ^!$$%z better bow down, I'm the %#@!

Since they say I am, it's the way I am

I got the streets locked down, like a traffic jam
On a mash for cash, doing a dash on glass
Pass by so fast, gave your girl whiplash

I ain't trying to tease her, ain't no time to please her
I run through a skeezer, then catch amnesia
It's wam bam, then thank you ma'am

I'm the %#@!, and I'll show you how stank I am
Shop bout to pull off, another caper
So cats, better go get the toilet paper

And wipe us down, cause we the %#@!
Like a ^!$$% with the runs, dropping hit after hit
Now D-Reck pimping pens, like his name was Ken

Streets like, there go that smell again
But oh what the well, go run and tell
Cause the mo' you hate, the mo' records sell


Ok, what you know bout me
Besides the fact, the name A dash 3

Could it be, I'm worth a couple hundred thee
With a couple hundred G's, with a couple hundred skee's
With a couple hundred SUV's

That'll drive by, couple hundred plates make a couple hundred bleed
Naw homeboy, I ain't bout that
Jumped in the game flat broke, got cash back

I'm getting do', like the ocean flo'
Only ^!$$% do the game, like it's 'spose to go
Run through a broad, like a corner sto'

Act like she a chick, that I met befo'
Naw baby, you can keep the $$#
If she fronting like she got it, I'ma keep the stash

Play like a dummy, I'ma let you crash
Call me Mr. BFI, taking out the trash
I hit the scene, in a hard top drop

Screens lit screens on, screens drop
Bops on the block, see the candy mouth drop
I got em sick, acting like they need a cough drop


[Lil' Shay:]
See I'm just lil' ol' Shay, pick up a ball go pro everyday
Ain't gotta drink a fo' everyday, long as a ^!$$% write a flow everyday

Ok I'm thoed $#&@ing with hoes, that's just what I do
And keep it real feed the bills, and she gon $#&@ my crew
You ain't know what Lil' Shay was bout, beat the cot and then pass it out

@@#! the glock and then bust a shot, but I'm licensed dog so I ain't worried about
No hater no killer no kind, in a new coupe but the (*##$ ain't mine
Chain on my neck till my dick gon shine, if a ^!$$% talk down then a ^!$$% talk down

If a ^!$$% want beef then a ^!$$% get beef, if a ^!$$% want street then a ^!$$% get street
If a ^!$$% don't grind then a ^!$$% don't eat, then a ^!$$% on the sideline looking real weak ^!$$%


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