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WRECKSHOP FAMILY lyrics : "If Its Good"

Ha, what..

[Hook: Noke D]

Just because I got the loving, on the first night
Man I know your girls, gon say it ain't right
Why (why) should (should), we play games

When we both know, we was feeling the same
Baby if it's good, if it's good, if it's good
If it's good, if it's good, if it's good (I ain't going nowhere)

Baby if it's good, if it's good, if it's good
If it's good, if it's good, if it's good (I ain't going nowhere)

[Dirty $]
Look mama, what's all this here bout it
You offended by the words, that are coming out my mouth

I bet you why you going through it, dried worrying what your friends say
Knowing, you wanna shake that tail feather this way
Baby, I can see that you're grown

Let a playa take you home, and leave that child's play alone
Let's get live in the zone, just you and me
When the G-G hit the spot, he make it hard to pee

On the pot without a doubt, we shocking and rocking
Ain't no lip-locking, just headboard knocking
And it ain't no stopping, if you working with the good

I'm a fool with this wood, down to put that on the hood
It's understood, those haters posing as your friends
Poking they noses in, where they don't belong again

Let me under your skin, I'll put that spice in your life
But you can't be scared, to break bread on the first night



I'ma straight up catch you, with jabs and uppercuts
Spit something fly, walk by and pass you up
This a finesse game, a chemistry thang

That make you wan' undress, before you even know my name
So peep a bad actor, never attack her
On sight, I'ma mack her I'm a dime piece factor

And she know, she ain't no hoe
But I'ma do my thing fast, never slow cause I'm a pro
Forever mashing on the gas, never letting them on me pass

Never questioning her class, it was passion when we smashed
It was so so wet, it slicky-slicky tash
It was gushy-gushy mushy-mushy, I jumped in splash

Got me so so sprung, pierced navel pierced tongue
Don't know where she from, but I know she got it done
Like em juicy like a plum, never do em on the run

Hide-and-stickies always fun, but I'll be back if you're the one


Baby put it in they face, tell em you don't give a damn
Girl Gotti had you smoking dro, from Afghanistan
Sabs played again, make a dime understand

Flicks on the whip, T.V.'s think I'm playing
Honey wasn't tripping though, man arrested yo
It's a show, dress cleavage and breasts yo

Young Gotto dealing with a model, answering my do'
Friday night feeling good, met baby up at Cabo's
Say she stays on grind though, and girl me on purple stuff

Saw me valet Dub quads, on that Tonka truck
Smelling like a hunk of skunk, eyes blood shot red
And they dealing one twelve, chopping game with something red

And uh shots of Quevo, throwing pesos
Got a lil' tipsy baby, got you looking like J.Lo
Say no mo', done that did that

I'll be back honey, I enjoyed that kit-cat


Damn baby how can you find the key, to end of your world

I'm subject to make your brain twirl, hit it till you hurl
With your girls, acting like the satin secrets don't drop
Walking round like you sealed, with a master padlock

But it's cool, cause I ain't the one the boys try to get her a pen
But I knew I had you open, once you seen them 20's spin
To the room ooh wee, what you doing to 3
Got a ^!$$% feeling like, he fin to skid and see
Oh, I kinda like the way you work that thang

But I ain't even, fin to play no games
On the real, I can't even front you got skills
But if you can't flip the scrill', watch me burn these wheels
On the other hand if you can, I might include you in my plans
Cause I need somebody to knock the dust, off the Lex Land

So if you feel like this, where you wanna be
Then you won't have a problem, proving it to me


I ain't going nowhere baby
You got a ^!$$% locked down, like you giving the third degree
For real, holla at your boy
Baby if it's good, I ain't going nowhere

Baby if it's good, I ain't going nowhere

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